LG Refuses Kenmore Refrigerator Recall Despite Defect: Lawsuit

LG Electronics is refusing to recall refrigerators despite a lawsuit alleging that they are defective. In this case, the company argues that their decision comes from following safety regulations as opposed to risk-aversion. The “LG Refrigerator Recall List 2020” is a list of refrigerators that are being recalled due to defects. The list was created … Read more

Bravecto Says Meds Aren’t Safe For Pets

Bravecto is a new medication that claims to be safe for pets. However, the FDA has found that this medication may cause side effects in cats and dogs. The article goes on to list the side effects of bravecto. A new report found that up to 70% of the medications sold in America are not … Read more

Coach Outlet Discount Pricing Settlement

The “class action settlement checks mailed 2021” is a class action lawsuit that was filed against Coach Outlet. The company settled for $10,000 and the plaintiffs will get the money in the form of a check. The future of legal tech is in the hands of lay people. Legal tech companies like Cooley offer clean … Read more

Copper Chef Says Nonstick Pans Are Defective

The “copper chef complaints” is a company that sells nonstick pans. The company has been accused of selling defective products to customers, and the complaint process is not easy. The nonstick coating on most cookware is defective and can be dangerous to use, according to a class-action lawsuit filed last month. The suit alleges that … Read more