Chevy Malibu Alleges Engine Power Reduced Defect

The Plaintiffs allege that the engine power in their Chevy Malibu reduced after using it for 10,000 miles. They are suing GM for $1 billion dollars alleging negligence and fraud which resulted in the defect. The case is still pending but you can view more information here: The “chevy malibu engine power reduced fix” … Read more

LG Says Compressor Defect Causes Refrigerator Failure

LG Electronics has released a statement on its website about the fridge recall. The company says that it is not able to determine what caused this problem, but there are some similarities with the new LG refrigerator models and an earlier incident where one model of LG’s air conditioners exploded during use. Experts say these … Read more

HP Alleges Printer Ink Defect

HP has filed a lawsuit against a Canadian company making counterfeit HP ink cartridges. The suit alleges that the company is selling defective and potentially harmful printer cartridges, which have been linked to fires as well as other injuries. The “hp printer recall 2020” is an announcement by HP that they are recalling their ink … Read more

SiriusXM To Pay $96M To End Lifetime Subscription

SiriusXM is paying $96 million to end their lifetime subscription in favor of a pay-as-you-go plan. The company has seen revenue decline over the past few years, with subscriptions down 26% since 2016. While it sounds like Sirius’ business model needs an overhaul, this move will allow them to expand into new markets and introduce … Read more