Hernia Surgial Mesh Implant Side Effects |

A hernia surgical mesh implant can be an effective and safe treatment for some people suffering from a painful hernia. However, many people experience complications such as pain, infection or even perforation of the stomach wall. This post is about what you should know before undergoing a surgery using this type of mesh. A hernia … Read more

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Settlement Amounts |

A recent settlement between the mesh and adhesive industry has set a precedent that might have repercussions for all manner of products. This is because the amount of money awarded in this case could affect how much product manufacturers are expected to pay out in future settlements. The implications go far beyond just what companies … Read more

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit – Complications, Injuries, FDA Recall

A lawsuit has been filed against the company behind a surgical mesh implant for causing severe complications, including chronic pain and permanent injuries. The plaintiff alleges that he was not provided with adequate information about safety before surgery or given proper guidance after it occurred, which led to further problems. The “fda hernia mesh recall … Read more

GM Ignition Switch Settlement – Past Cash Amounts & Rebates

General Motors has reached a settlement with about 300,000 customers in relation to their faulty ignition switches. The company hopes this will clear up some of the lingering legal issues surrounding their recall and prevent similar lawsuits going forward. The “gm ignition switch settlement checks 2021” is a lawsuit that was filed against General Motors. … Read more