Do You Qualify: The Thacher School Sex Abuse Lawsuit Investigation

Thacher School, a private school in New York, has been accused of covering up years of sexual abuse by the school’s former headmaster. In response to this lawsuit brought forward by alumni and students who say they were abused as children themselves, Thacher reached an agreement with the plaintiffs that will allow them to take control over all aspects of overseeing future oversight boards and investigations into any claims against it going forward.

The “thacher school investigation” is a lawsuit filed by Thacher School alumni against the school for failing to properly investigate sexual abuse claims. The case has been ongoing since 2016.

Do You Qualify: The Thacher School Sex Abuse Lawsuit Investigation

Who is Affected by Sexual Abuse at an Ojai Boarding School?


  • Faculty members at the Thacher School in Ojai, California, have admitted to being accused of sexual assault and harassment.
  • You may have a legal claim if you were a student at the Thacher School and were subjected to sexual misbehavior or harassment by teachers.

According to reports, since the 1980s, there have been approximately 20 sexual misconduct accusations at the exclusive private boarding school, ranging from harassment to rape.

This statement came in June, after a law firm hired to look into the decades of accusations of sexual assault at The Thacher School published its findings. 

Rape, sexual misbehavior, improper remarks, and sexual harassment by faculty members were among the accusations.

The administration was reportedly aware of the sexual misbehavior in numerous instances but neglected to submit the accusations of sex abuse to the police.


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Sex Abuse at Thacher School is being investigated.

Several Thacher graduates are said to have utilized the Instagram account @rpecultureatthacher to reveal sexual assault occurrences at the institution. Thacher then started an inquiry into the accusations of sexual misconduct. 

The Thacher School’s Board of Trustees stated on August 8, 2020 that it has engaged a law firm to undertake an independent investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment involving Thacher alumni, teachers, staff, and current students.


The Board of Trustees also urged anyone who had been impacted by sexual misbehavior or harassment to contact the law firm and share their experiences. 

More than 120 former Thacher students, parents, and current and past Thacher employees were questioned by the legal firm. Six offenders were named in a 90-page study published on June 16, 2021. Inappropriate remarks, groping, and unwanted touching were mentioned in the study. 

One girl claims her English instructor raped her on numerous times starting when she was 16 years old at Thacher School in the 1980s.

When the school was informed of the event, it reportedly did not contact the police. Rather, the assistant headmaster is said to have questioned the girl whether she had “enjoyed” the rape.

Despite knowing that the coach had previously been dismissed for sexual misbehavior at another prestigious boarding school, a staff member reportedly backed his employment at Thacher.


That coach was permitted to retain his employment after reportedly engaging in improper contact with a Thacher kid.

In a statement, the Board of Trustees stated, “The effect on pupils was significant.” “Many people experienced long-term consequences not just as a result of the sexual misbehavior, but also as a result of the school’s handling of the situation.”

A New California Law Allows Old Sexual Abuse Claims to Be Reopened

In 2020, a California legislation went into effect that allows sex abuse victims to bring civil claims for events that were outside of the statute of limitations for a three-year period.

The legislation also extends the statute of limitations for reporting childhood sexual assault to 40 years instead of 26, allowing victims to disclose the crime until they are 40 years old.

Many Thacher School sex abuse victims will be able to bring a civil case under this legislation, even if the sexual misbehavior happened decades ago. 

The new California legislation is one of several recent examples of new laws enacted by numerous states that extend statutes of limitations and provide look-back windows for claims that have already expired.

Participate in a sex abuse investigation at an Ojai boarding school.

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The “ojai boarding school” is a private school that has been accused of abusing students. The Thacher School, which is located in Ojai, California, was sued by two former students who claim they were abused while attending the school.

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