Understanding FDA Drug Recalls

As the number of recalled products continues to rise, it’s important for companies and consumers alike to understand how FDA-regulated recalls work. What are some of the most common mistakes that can lead to a product being recalled? The “fda drug recalls 2020” is a topic that has been in the news recently. The FDA … Read more

Uber Uses Scare Tactics to Turn Drivers from Unions

Uber is currently suing its drivers in an attempt to prevent them from forming a union. The company has filed lawsuits and public statements, stating that the move will be “bad for business” if all of their drivers are represented by one entity. Uber has been using scare tactics to turn drivers from unions. They … Read more

Volkswagen, Chrysler Owe Billions for Emissions Cheating

Volkswagen and Chrysler have been ordered to pay $4.3 billion in damages for violating the Clean Air Act by installing software that cheated on emissions tests. The U.S Court of Appeals decided this week that Congress may not allow automakers to settle with customers without oversight, potentially resulting in a more costly legal fight between … Read more

Wells Fargo Under Fire for Bogus Accounts Scandal

Wells Fargo is facing a multitude of lawsuits and fines after it was found that the bank opened 2.1 million fake customer accounts to meet sales goals. The company has also been accused of creating 565,000 credit cards without customer authorization as well as another 684,000 debit card without permission in order to reach its … Read more