IVC Filter Lawsuit – Verdicts, Settlements – Medical Device Lawyers

The IVC filter lawsuit is a notable case in the medical device industry. In 2012, United States District Court for the Southern District of Alabama ruled that Boston Scientific Corp., its subsidiary NuVasive Inc. and Johns Hopkins University Medical Center should pay nearly $26 million to patients who received defective vascular filters with metal coils … Read more

IVC Filter Complications Lawsuit |

A woman is suing a hospital after she claims they failed to provide her with the IVC filter that saved her life in an emergency. Despite this, the hospital insists that it followed proper protocols and has filed its own lawsuit against the plaintiff. The “ivc filter settlement payout amounts 2020” is a lawsuit that … Read more

Invokana Lawsuit – Diabetic Ketoacidosis Lawyer

A recent lawsuit in the U.S. has made some news with allegations of a drug company covering up data related to the dangers of Invokana, a diabetes medication that can cause ketoacidosis and other serious side effects The “invokana mass tort settlement” is a lawsuit that has been filed against Invokana. The plaintiff claims that … Read more