Takata Airbag Crashes: 2001-2003 Hondas, Acuras Pose Critical Risk

Takata Airbag crashes have been linked to Honda and Acura vehicles dating back a decade. The company has admitted that it knew about the issue for years but failed to act, leaving motorists at risk of injury or death. As more recalls are issued due to Takata’s faulty manufacturing practices, what is the cost in terms of lives?

The “gm vehicles takata airbag recall” is a legal issue that has been present for a while. The Takata Airbag Crashes have caused critical risk to 2001-2003 Hondas, Acuras.

Takata Airbag Crashes: 2001-2003 Hondas, Acuras Pose Critical Risk

A Takata airbag inflator exploded in a 2002 Honda Accord in Alabama in May 2004, shattering metal bits and injuring the driver.

The airbag inflators on these cars have a 50% probability of rupturing after an accident, placing passengers at risk of severe, perhaps deadly injuries.

The rupture was an anomaly, Honda and Takata informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at the time. The bursting airbag incident from 2004 has shown to be anything but unusual more than 12 years later, with Takata and Honda at the heart of the biggest recall in US history.

Takata airbags have been linked to ten fatalities and more than 150 injuries in the United States thus far. Nine of the ten fatalities in the United States connected to Takata airbags that spat shrapnel have happened in Hondas. Eight of the ten fatalities have happened in a limited group of Honda and Acura automobiles manufactured between 2001 and 2003. These are the vehicles:

  • Honda Civic (2001-2002)
  • Honda Accord (2001-2002)
  • Acura TL 2002-2003
  • Honda CR-V 2002
  • Honda Odyssey (2002 model)
  • Acura CL 2003
  • Honda Pilot (2003 model)

The airbag inflators on these cars have a 50% probability of rupturing after an accident, placing passengers at risk of severe, perhaps deadly injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is advising owners of certain Honda and Acura cars not to drive them unless they are heading immediately to a dealer for airbag repairs.

You may have a case against Takata and Honda if you own one of the cars mentioned above and the airbag deployed for whatever reason, resulting in cuts or lacerations from airbag shrapnel. Schedule a free case review with ClassAction.com to learn more.

Hold Takata responsible

Hondas with Takata engines are still on the road, causing fatal injuries.

The Takata recall has had the largest impact on Honda. Honda has recalled around 12 million inflators in 8.5 million Honda and Acura cars, out of the fourteen automakers that have recalled approximately 28 million inflators in 24 million vehicles.

Honda, to its credit, has fixed over 40% of its cars with recalled airbags (as of August 12, 2016), which is better than any other carmaker. In addition to mailing notices, it has made a concerted effort to tell all impacted owners of the recall through email, social media, phone calls, and targeted advertising.

However, not every client is receiving the message. On March 31, 2016, a youngster from Fort Bend County, Texas was killed in a 2002 Honda Civic after colliding with the automobile in front of her and sparking a Takata airbag rupture that drove a metal piece into the side of her neck.

The incident was categorized as mild by Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Beckworth, who investigated the fatal accident, and he stated it would not have resulted in any significant injuries if it hadn’t been for the Takata airbag.

“Everyone walks away from a crash that we deal with every day,” Beckworth said.

Honda claims that the 2002 Civic has been recalled several times since 2011. Recall warnings were issued to registered owners, including the current owner, a family member of the victim, according to the firm, but no repairs were made. A Takata airbag lawsuit has been filed by the family.

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida stated in a statement that the young woman’s death “demonstrates that existing recall attempts are simply not working.” Takata and the manufacturers must increase its efforts to discover, inform, and repair every compromised vehicle as quickly as possible—before anybody else dies.”

NHTSA issued a safety notice almost two months after the tragic Texas collision, addressing the Takata airbags’ catastrophic failure rate in certain model-year 2001-2003 Honda and Acura automobiles.

According to the NHTSA, these automobiles’ airbag inflators have a 50% probability of rupturing after an accident due to a manufacturing flaw. The cars in issue were recalled between 2008 and 2011, however the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated on June 30 that 313,000 automobiles with the deadly flaw had yet to be repaired.

In Florida, Texas, Southern California, and other high-humidity locales, the risk of a Takata airbag rupture is very significant. Humidity may cause the chemical propellant ammonium nitrate (which causes a tiny explosion that fills air bags in an accident) to deteriorate and destabilize, resulting in an overly powerful explosion that can break apart the metal airbag inflator and shoot shards towards passengers.

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The “2001 honda civic airbag recall” is a legal topic that poses a critical risk to 2001-2003 Hondas, Acuras.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hondas are affected by airbag recall?

The Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, Fit and Odyssey are all affected by the airbag recall.

How serious is the Takata airbag recall?

A: The Takata airbag recall is very serious and poses a great risk to consumers. While the actual risks have not been widely reported, these safety defects can be deadly for drivers in certain situations.

How much will I get from the Takata airbag settlement?

A: If you were in an accident that was caused by a Takata air bag inflator and you are eligible for the settlement, as determined by your state law, then it is estimated that each person will be awarded between $8,000 to $12,000.

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