Samsung’s Exploding Washers Leave Consumers Rattled

2019 will be the year of Samsung washing machines, according to their own marketing strategy. In January, a consumer washer blew up in her home without warning leaving her scarred and scared for life. This is not an isolated incident but part of a long history of exploding appliances that has left consumers with little recourse when they need it most.,

Samsung’s Exploding Washers Leave Consumers Rattled. Samsung announced that it is recalling all of its top-load washing machines due to safety concerns. The company has not yet released a specific date for the recall, but it will be before 2020.

Samsung's Exploding Washers Leave Consumers Rattled

The name “Samsung” has virtually become synonymous with “explosive” at this point.

Samsung has received 733 complaints of defective washers.

Following the enormous Samsung Galaxy catastrophe, the Korean electronics giant recalled over three million washing machines last month after hundreds of complaints of the machines vibrating excessively and even exploding.

The recall affects 34 models, affecting 2.8 million computers, and was disclosed by Samsung more than a month after the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) cautioned users about the hazards. (See the official CPSC website for a complete list of impacted models.) Samsung claims to have received 733 complaints of defective washers, with at least nine injuries.

“A fractured jaw, wounded shoulder, and other impact or fall-related injuries,” according to the CPSC website.

Despite the fact that the recall provides users a free in-home repair or a reimbursement toward a new washer, many are unhappy with Samsung’s reaction.


Broken machines are given “market value” by consumers.

Unless a washer was bought after October 6, 2016, a buyer has two options:

(1) A free in-home repair of the broken equipment, which includes a one-year warranty extension, or (2)

(2) A refund that may be used to the purchase of a new machine, as well as free installation and removal of the old one.

On the surface, this seems to be a good value (particularly #1). However, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the speed with which their machines were repaired, or with the inability to contact Samsung at all.

Meanwhile, under the second choice, the reimbursement will be based on the broken washer’s “current market value,” which will be substantially lower than when it was purchased. (Washing machines are like cars: once you take them home, their value plummets.)

As a result, Samsung is providing customers either a partial refund or a repair that has been plagued by delays for a faulty equipment that Samsung made and advertised.

It’s no surprise that so many individuals are taking Samsung to court to hold them responsible.

Multiple class action lawsuits have been filed against Samsung.

Suzann Moore and Michelle Soto Fielder filed a class action complaint against Samsung in March, claiming that their washers exploded. Ms. Moore said that her machine “violently detonated” in December 2015 after two years of operation.

Ms. Fielder’s machine blew up in February 2016 “with such fury that it entered the internal wall of her garage,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed in New Jersey (where Samsung U.S.A. is located). There are multiple YouTube videos that purport to show these gadgets after the explosion, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy phones.


In the municipality of Trail, British Columbia, a man filed a complaint against Samsung, claiming that the refund granted by the company does not sufficiently compensate users.

Brandy Robertson, a lady who joined the Canadian action, got just a $410 reimbursement for a machine that cost her $900 in the first place. Ms. Robertson also revealed that the new machine came with a $200 delivery cost.

“They should be replacing entire cost of the top loaders,” she told CTV News in Vancouver. I believe they are profiting from the recall.”

If you or a loved one has been harmed physically or financially as a result of a malfunctioning Samsung washing machine, please contact us immediately away to learn more about your options.

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Samsung’s Exploding Washers Leave Consumers Rattled. Samsung has been accused of releasing a faulty washing machine that explodes and leaves consumers rattled. The company has issued a recall for the product, but it is unclear how many units have been sold. Reference: samsung washer exploding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a class action lawsuit against Samsung washers?

A: There is not currently a class action lawsuit against Samsung washers.

Is there a recall on Samsung washing machines?

A: There is a recall on certain Samsung washing machines that were sold throughout the United States. The models included in this recall are F5C, F7D, F8F and W9000EWW1AW0.

How many people have gotten hurt from Samsung washers?

A: As of January 11 2018, Samsung has been sued by a woman who claimed it caused her to fall and break her mothers arm.

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