What are Class Action Lawsuits and How Do They Work?

A class action lawsuit is, in a nutshell, a civil lawsuit brought by one or more people on behalf of a potentially much larger group of individuals with a similar claim. These types of lawsuits can be brought in state or federal courts. They generally come about when multiple people have been negatively affected by … Read more

What Can I Win in a Class Action Lawsuit?

One of the most common types of lawsuits that occurs is a class action lawsuit. When participating in a class action lawsuit, you will likely be in position to receive some kind of award or compensation. The type compensation you receive can either be monetary or non-monetary. As well as providing you with an award, … Read more

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What are Bellwether Trials

You have probably come across the term “bellwether trials” or “class action lawsuits”. These are no ordinary lawsuits because they involve different procedures and legal concepts. Here is an informative resource on bellwether trials and class action suits.   What is a Bellwether Trial? Bellwether trials refer to a small collection of lawsuits, selected from … Read more

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