Furniture Accident Lawsuit Settlement – IKEA Tip-Over Lawyer

IKEA has been sued for a furniture tip-over accident that occurred in the store. IKEA’s terms of service prohibit customers from bringing pets into their stores but they have no liability policy and are not required to do so by law. This is an issue with many other retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Target, who also possess no pet containment policies.

The “ikea dresser tip-over” is a lawsuit that was filed against IKEA. The plaintiff alleges that their dresser tipped over and caused injury.

Furniture Accident Lawsuit Settlement - IKEA Tip-Over Lawyer

Furniture tip-overs are a shockingly regular occurrence, with 25,000 children and 15,000 adults wounded each year.

Many relatives of tip-over fatalities have brought lawsuits against merchants and manufacturers, claiming wrongful death, carelessness, or both.

While most litigation settlements are kept private, some plaintiffs have gotten settlements worth tens of millions of dollars.

Some of the most significant furniture tip-over settlements and awards are listed here.

Ted McGee, Curren Collas, and Camden Ellis (2016) – $50 million

On December 22, 2016, IKEA revealed that company had negotiated a $50 million settlement with the families of Curren Collas, Camden Ellis, and Ted McGee, three babies who were crushed to death by IKEA furniture in previous years. The amount of $50 million will be split among the three families. In addition, IKEA will make a $150,000 donation to children’s hospitals.

$3.2 million Xiaolei Zeng (2009)

In July 2006, a stack of heavy countertops at an IKEA shop in Potomac Mills, VA crushed Xiaolei Zeng of Arlington, VA. Ms. Zeng’s pelvis was crushed in four places by the stack, which weighed more than 350 pounds. Ms. Zeng, an active traveler, hiker, and cyclist, stated that after the event, she has had to substantially curtail these hobbies due to the extreme discomfort they give her.

Ms. Zeng was awarded $3.2 million by a jury in April 2009 for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Katie Lambert has a net worth of $2.3 million.

Katie Lambert, two years old, was killed instantaneously when a 200-pound wardrobe collapsed on her in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania in January 2005. In 2007, the Lamberts filed a wrongful death complaint against IKEA. They reached a $2.3 million settlement in 2008.

Jonathan Cozzolino (2001) has a net worth of $10 million.

Jonathan Cozzolino, 5, was crushed to death by a lunch table at Disston Elementary School in Northeast Philadelphia in February 2001. Angeline Uberti, Jonathan’s mother, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer, Midwest Folding Products of Chicago. Midwest reached a $10 million settlement with Ms. Uberti in 2004.

(The school also paid Ms. Uberti a $500,000 settlement, which is the highest amount allowed per state law.)

Michael Lundblade (1987) has a net worth of $5 million.

Michael Lundblade, a two-year-old from Garden Grove, California, was almost murdered in 1987 when his skull was crushed by a reclining chair. Michael’s parents sued the manufacturer and merchant, and a $5 million settlement was finally reached.

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The “ikea lawsuit dresser” is a furniture piece that was involved in an accident. The company, IKEA, has paid out $50 million to settle the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ikea dressers tip-over?

Can I sue Ikea?

A: No, Ikea does not offer customer service and if you have a complaint about their furniture or products in general, it would be best to take your concerns elsewhere.

Has Ikea been sued?

A: Yes, Ikea has been sued multiple times by a number of companies. They have yet to be found guilty of anything illegal or immoral and continue with their business as usual.

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