Do You Qualify: Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Child Abuse Lawsuit Investigation

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Do You Qualify: Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Child Abuse Lawsuit Investigation

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Child Abuse is a client of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.


Have you ever been abused as a kid by Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health staff? If this is the case, you may be entitled to pursue legal action to recover damages for your medical bills, treatment fees, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Devereux is a private behavioral health institution that specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents with behavioral, developmental, intellectual, and mental health issues. Residential treatment facilities, group homes, mental hospitals, assisted living communities, special education centers, schools, and outpatient programs are all run by the organization.

The institution has lately been chastised for failing to safeguard children from worker abuse. After discovering a pattern of sexual abuse by employees that was reportedly frequently ignored owing to understaffing, the Philadelphia Department of Human Services and Community Behavioral Health announced intentions to remove more than 53 children from Devereux facilities in September 2020.

At least two child abuse class action lawsuits have been filed against Devereux on behalf of claimed victims who claim they were raped, sexually abused, physically attacked, and verbally abused at the institutions. There are sure to be more Devereux cases in the future. 

Do You Meet the Requirements?

You may be entitled to join a free Devereux child abuse class action lawsuit inquiry if you were mistreated by Devereux employees. Anyone who has encountered the following in a Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health program or facility is eligible to participate in this inquiry.


  • Abuse of a sexual nature
  • Abuse of the physical kind
  • Abuse of the tongue

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Child Abuse Class Action Lawsuits by Devereux

A group of six plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in January 2021, alleging that they were mistreated at Devereux schools between 2004 and 2019. According to the Devereux class action complaint, their ages varied from 8 to 17 at the time of the abuse.

The six plaintiffs allege that residents and employees at Devereux facilities physically abused them, sexually abused them, raped them, and verbally abused them. Devereux reportedly neglected to take measures to safeguard the children when they informed staff about the events, putting them at danger of additional abuse in certain instances.

Another Devereux class action complaint was filed in June 2021 on behalf of a current patient of a Devereux residential treatment facility in Florida. At the facility, the 7-year-old child was reportedly subjected to verbal and physical abuse.

The Devereux class action complaint claims that “the power imbalance between children with physical, emotional, and/or intellectual impairments and behavioral health professionals poses significant dangers to the class of residents at Devereux.” 


“Youth with disabilities are readily targeted because they are regarded as weak or fragile, and they are thought to be less likely to disclose abuse, particularly if the victim has poor communication skills or cognitive impairments.”

Devereux was aware of the systemic sexual and physical abuse of children in its care, according to the plaintiff, but failed to take necessary steps to guarantee the safety of children.

Allegations of sexual and physical abuse

The accusations of child abuse in the Devereux class action cases are shocking. When she was 14, one of the plaintiffs claims she was sexually abused by her roommate at a Devereux facility. She was reportedly punished by being put in solitary confinement after reporting the sexual assault to officials. She was reportedly raped by a staff member while in solitary confinement before being returned to the room she shared with the abusive roommate. 

Other claimants claim they were restrained physically to the point of severe harm. One kid was reportedly choked by a worker, while another was allegedly pushed against a wall by a staffer.

The Devereux class action lawsuits claim that even when children reported to Devereux employees or social workers, their concerns were allegedly disregarded and the abuse was permitted to continue.


Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Child Abuse Lawsuit Investigation is free to join.

You may be qualified to join a free child abuse class action lawsuit inquiry if you were sexually abused, physically abused, or verbally abused while at a Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health facility. If you meet the criteria, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit and seek compensation on behalf of yourself and other victims of abuse.

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