Do You Qualify: California Wildfire 2021 — Property Damage, Personal Injury Lawsuit Investigation

This is a follow up to our original article, California Wildfire 2021: Better Prepared?. This article will be conducted as an analysis of the personal injury lawsuit that has been filed by one of our readers. We will also provide you with some thoughts about how this may affect your own case if it falls in similar circumstances.,

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Do You Qualify: California Wildfire 2021 — Property Damage, Personal Injury Lawsuit Investigation

History of California Wildfires

Wildfires are common in California from spring through late fall due to the state’s dry, windy, and hot environment. According to a McClatchy study, more than 350,000 Californians reside in towns and localities that have been designated as having a “very high fire danger severity” rating.

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For example, the Thomas Fire was the biggest wildfire in California history. It began on December 2017, lasted over a month, and consumed over 300,000 acres.

More than 1,000 buildings were destroyed, and hundreds more were damaged, as a result of the fire. The Thomas Fire damaged gardens, trees, fences, and vegetation in addition to structures.

The Woolsey Fire and Camp Fire, which started in 2017, continues to damage property in California.

Previous Wildfire Causes

There are a variety of variables that may have contributed to past fires.

The igniting of the 2018 California wildfires is one example. Fuel availability, atmospheric conditions, and residential development near undeveloped area are all factors that have been blamed for the 2018 wildfires.


PG&E Corporation is a utility company based in California.

Accidents involving big companies, which kick off a sequence of events, are another source of California wildfires. According to the BBC, a historic $13.5 billion settlement with Californian utility provider Pacific Gas and Electric was reached in December 2019 for wildfire victims.

The 2018 Camp Fire was caused by transmission lines, whereas the 2015 Butte Fire was caused by a PG&E power line accident with a tree, according to investigators.

Southern California Edison equipment started the Thomas fire.

On Oct. 30, 2018, Southern California Edison issued a statement claiming that their equipment ignited at least one of the fire’s ignition sites.

“Witnesses have indicated that a fire broke out near a SCE power pole along Koenigstein Road, and SCE thinks that its equipment was involved in the ignition,” the statement stated.

Thomas Fire claims have already been filed against Edison.

Who is to Blame for the California Wildfires?

The “pg&e claim status” is a legal website that allows users to search for the status of their PG&E claim. The site also has information about other claims and lawsuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will camp fire victims get?

A: The camp fire is estimated to have caused over $10 billion in damages. This is the number of money that people are likely willing to pay for a product or service as it relates to how much they value their lives, health and safety.

Is a fire settlement taxable?

A: Yes, a fire settlement is taxable.

How much damage has the California wildfires cause 2021?

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