Toyota Oil Consumption Defect – Oil Burning

The Toyota Oil Consumption Defect is the name of a product liability lawsuit stemming from 2010, brought by plaintiffs alleging that their 2004-2006 Toyotas were defective and caused oil to leak onto hot surfaces while burning.

Toyota Oil Consumption Defect – Oil Burning is a legal case that has been going on for a while. Toyota has released a fix to the problem.

Please be advised that we are no longer accepting Toyota oil consumption fault cases.

Plaintiffs from throughout the country filed a class action complaint against Toyota Motor Corporation over automobiles with faulty engines that waste a lot of oil.

Engine failure puts drivers and passengers in grave peril. The plaintiffs’ cars’ 2AZ-FE engines were predisposed to a very high rate of oil consumption. Regardless of the circumstances, this oil consumption problem might cause engine failure in a moving vehicle at any moment.

Toyota allegedly violated the Express Warranty, the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, the Song-Beverly Act, Common Law Fraud, and many state-specific business and consumer laws, according to the plaintiffs.

Toyota Was Aware of Engine Problems

Toyota was aware of the design flaw yet continued to build and sell automobiles without informing customers. They also neglected to tell drivers that the Oil Consumption Defect would reduce the resale value of their Toyotas while also posing major safety risks.

Many Toyota owners with 2AZ-FE engines have asked Toyota to pay to repair their cars, but Toyota has refused. Customers must often pay for repairs out of pocket when the issue develops outside of the warranty term.

Vehicles depreciate in value.

Plaintiff April Lax of California acquired a brand new 2006 Toyota RAV4 in June 2006. Ms. Lax drove her car to a local repair station for routine maintenance in February 2013. Toyota informed her that the “no engine oil” light was on and that some RAV4 models drank oil at an unusually high rate.

Law was told by Toyota to get an extended warranty or buy a new car since the Oil Consumption Defect would worsen and cause more engine damage. Ms. Lax reduced her RAV4’s oil use by switching to a higher weight engine oil. Her automobile, on the other hand, continued to use oil at the same pace as previously.

Ms. Lax adhered to Toyota’s suggested maintenance schedules. Her RAV4’s Oil Consumption Defect has become worse over time, since the motor uses more engine oil as it grows older. Ms. Lax has paid for all repairs, yet the value of her car has decreased.

Toyota Recognized a Defect but Refused to Pay

Toyota released a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) in August 2011 in response to multiple complaints of high engine oil use. The TSB confirmed that the cars had unusually high levels of oil consumption and ordered a repair.

The expensive repair entails dismantling and removing the engine from the car. The cost of the repair has ranged between $2,000 and $7,000. The TSB was only made available to approved Toyota dealerships; it was never made available to the general public or existing car owners.

Car owners lost a substantial amount of money and vehicle value as a result of Toyota’s misleading business tactics. Consumers who were aware of the Oil Consumption Defect would either not have bought the automobiles or would have paid much less for them.

The “vvti oil consumption fix” is a procedure that Toyota has to follow in order to avoid the Oil Burning. Toyota will be required to pay $1,000 for each instance of this defect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Toyota burning oil?

A: Toyota uses oil as a lubricant in their engines. This means that because you are driving, your car is literally burning away the natural resource of petroleum because it needs oil to work effectively. The amount of fuel burned by a vehicle also depends on how much time has passed since its last maintenance checkup.

Are Toyotas known for burning oil?


How do you fix an engine that burns oil?


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