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Toyota knowingly sold oil that did not meet their standards, leading to a massive class action lawsuit. The company’s ability to defend themselves is being severely hampered by the failure of its electronic records system.

The “toyota oil consumption fix” is a lawsuit that Toyota has been fighting. The lawsuit was filed by the owners of the cars because they claimed that their car’s oil consumption rates were too high for them to use it as a daily driver.

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Plaintiffs from throughout the country filed a class action complaint against Toyota Motor Corporation over automobiles with faulty engines that waste a lot of oil.

Engine failure puts drivers and passengers in grave peril. The plaintiffs’ cars’ 2AZ-FE engines were predisposed to a very high rate of oil consumption. In a moving vehicle, this oil consumption problem might lead to engine failure.

As a consequence of this evident flaw, the impacted automobiles have lost value and have increased safety concerns.

Why do certain Toyotas use more fuel than others?

“Some 2006-2011 model year cars equipped with the 2AZ-FE engine may display engine oil consumption,” according to a Toyota technical service bulletin (TSB) released in August 2011. To reduce oil consumption, the piston assembly has been changed.”

This implies that the oil pressure light may come on early and frequently, and/or the engine may burn a quart of oil every 1,000-1,200 miles for drivers of certain cars (see “Affected Models” below). This excessive oil consumption may harm the engine over time, even leading it to fail, and it clearly costs the vehicle owner more money since he or she must buy more oil and take the car to the repair more often.

Despite this, it wasn’t until 2015 that Toyota promised to fix the problem for free—and even then, only for a limited number of vehicles and for a limited period of time. This deal was too little, too late, and many Toyota owners were left out in the cold. In reality, many drivers had already spent thousands of dollars on repairs by 2015.

Which Toyota vehicles are affected by an oil leak?

The oil consumption fault may affect the following Toyota vehicles:

  • Toyota Camry (2007-2009)
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007-2011
  • Toyota Solara 2007-2008
  • Toyota Corolla 2009
  • Toyota Matrix 2009
  • Toyota RAV4 (2006-2008)
  • Scion Tc 2007-2008
  • Scion Xb (2008-2009)

What Are the Claims in Toyota Lawsuits?

Plaintiffs claim Toyota was aware of the design flaw yet continued to produce and sell automobiles without informing customers. They also claim that Toyota neglected to tell drivers that the flaw would reduce the resale value of their vehicles and, more crucially, pose a major safety risk.

Most cases expressly claim one or more of the following:

  • Toyota infringed on the Express Warranty.
  • Toyota failed to uphold its obligation of good faith and fair dealing.
  • Toyota violated the Song-Beverly Act in California.
  • Toyota was found guilty of Common Law Fraud.
  • Toyota broke a number of state-specific business and consumer laws.

What Are the Costs of Toyota Oil Consumption?

Car owners have lost a considerable amount of money and vehicle value as a result of Toyota’s misleading business tactics. Consumers who were aware of the oil consumption fault were less inclined to buy the automobiles, or they would have paid far less for them.

Furthermore, the fault is expensive to remedy since it necessitates removing the engine from the car and disassembling it. Vehicle owners have spent anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000 for the repair, and many are seeking compensation.

Toyota has neither issued a recall or offered to repay consumers who paid to have the problem fixed. During this phase, the carmaker did launch a Limited Service Campaign (LSC) in 2015, which featured a free repair for specific cars.

However, many drivers had already spent their own money on repairs by that time. They are seeking compensation for the repairs, as well as for the loss of car value, exorbitant oil expenses, and any other damages resulting from the fault.


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The “2009 toyota camry oil consumption fix” is a lawsuit that was filed by Toyota owners. The plaintiffs are suing Toyota for the defect in their cars. It’s uncertain what will happen to the case, but it seems like the plaintiffs have a good chance of winning.

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