Taste of the Wild Says Dog Food Contains Pesticides, Metals

The FDA is investigating claims that the company’s food contains toxic chemicals.

Taste of the Wild, a dog food company that makes a variety of brands, has been in the news for a recall on some of their products. They have found pesticides and metals in some of their products.

Taste-of-the-Wild-Says-Dog-Food-Contains-Pesticides-MetalsA worried pet owner has launched a class action complaint against the manufacturer of Taste of the Wild dog food, alleging that the food is tainted with heavy metals, pesticides, and other hazardous substances.

Martin Grossman has filed a lawsuit against Diamond Pet Foods Inc., alleging that the company’s Taste of the Wild products are tainted with hazardous substances such as pesticides.

Taste of the Wild dog food is manufactured and distributed by Diamond Pet Foods, which claims the food is designed “based on your pet’s traditional diet.”

“Every component is carefully chosen from reputable sources, each recipe is developed by our veterinarians and nutritionists to suit particular nutritional needs, and every product is verified for quality and safety before leaving our facilities,” according to the firm.

Taste of the Wild dog food, despite promises of natural ingredients and high-quality nourishment, may not be as amazing as the marketing implies. Diamond Pet Food products, according to Grossman, include a number of unfavorable contaminants that may damage animals.


Grossman claims he found toxic elements such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium, as well as pesticides, acrylamide, and BPA, when testing Taste of the Wild.

These contaminants are said to build up in an animal’s body and create toxicity, which may lead to health problems. Lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal damage, nerve damage, neurological side effects, seizures, heart issues, malignancies, and death have all been recorded as a result of pet food contamination.

Grossman claims in his Diamond Pet Food class action that the company was aware of the contaminants in its Taste of the Wild pet meals but decided to deceive customers in order to boost profits. The Taste of the Wild company reportedly recognizes and intends to profit on the growing trend of pet owners preferring natural, healthy ingredients in their pet food.

The Taste of the Wild dog food class action claims that “Defendants know that certain consumers seek out and wish to purchase premium pet foods that contain high-quality ingredients and do not contain chemicals or contaminants, and that these consumers will pay more for pet foods that they believe possess these qualities than for pet foods that they do not believe possess these qualities.”

Since May 1, 2013, Grossman has been representing a class of customers who have bought tainted Taste of the Wild dog food. Restitution, disgorgement, statutory damages, punitive damages, court expenses, and lawyers’ fees are all sought in the Diamond Pet Food class action.


Plaintiffs are represented by Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP’s Robert K. Shelquist and Rebecca A. Peterson; Lite DePalma Greenberg LLC’s Joseph DePalma, Steven J. Greenfogel, and Susana Cruz-Hodge; Gustafson Gluek PLLC’s Daniel E. Gustafson, Karla M. Gluek, and Raina C. Borrelli; Robbins Arroyo

Grossman v. Shell & Kampeter Inc. d/b/a Diamond Pet Foods, Case No. 2:18-cv-02344-JAM-AC, is the Taste of the Wild Contaminated Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California.

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Taste of the Wild is a brand of dog food that has been in production since 1990. The company says it’s a premium dry dog food and that it contains no grains, fillers or artificial preservatives. However, according to a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, some ingredients found in their product may contain pesticides and metals. Reference: benefits of taste of the wild dog food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Taste of the Wild dog food contain heavy metals?

Unfortunately, Taste of the Wild dog food does contain heavy metals.

Is taste of the wild bad for your dog?

Taste of the Wild is a great food for dogs.

Does taste of the wild cause heart problems?

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