Home Depot Lawsuit Says Behr DeckOver is Defective

The lawsuit alleges that the company’s deckover product is defective and causes premature aging of the wood.

The behr deckover settlement payout date 2020 is an ongoing legal case that claims that Behr DeckOver is defective. Home Depot has been sued for $1 billion.

Home-Depot-Lawsuit-Says-Behr-DeckOver-is-Defective-TopBehr DeckOver deck resurfacing products, which are marketed only at Home Depot stores, are allegedly faulty and degrade within months of application, according to a class action complaint filed this week.

Plaintiffs Kathleen Bishop, Nancy Graf, Jeanne Haman, Tom Paul, and Mark Sumpter filed the Behr DeckOver class action complaint in federal court in Illinois on Tuesday. They identify Behr Process Corp., The Home Depot Inc., and Home Depot USA Inc. as defendants.

Deck resurfacer is a kind of coating that is intended to minimize the burden of regular maintenance, according to the Home Depot class action complaint. Resurfacer is a thicker covering that may heal splinters, fill gaps, and prolong the life of the surface, unlike paint or stain, which must be renewed every year or so.

According to the Behr resurfacer class action complaint, one gallon of DeckOver costs about $35 on the Home Depot website, which is considerably more than paints or stains.

The Behr class action complaint claims that DeckOver is promoted as a “premium” product that is “a better alternative to conventional paints and stains and therefore worth the additional money.” “For example, the product name ‘DeckOver’ implies that it will cover decking, thus prolonging its life (or giving the deck a ‘do over’).”


According to the Home Depot resurfacer class action complaint, Behr DeckOver rapidly deteriorates and causes significant harm to the surface upon which it is put, rather than offering years of protection. DeckOver is said to peel, crack, chip, flake, bubble, and deteriorate quickly after installation.

The plaintiffs claim that instead of receiving a long-lasting covering, customers who purchase DeckOver frequently spend time and money putting DeckOver, then removing it and repairing damaged property.

The plaintiffs in the Home Depot class action complaint individually bought Behr DeckOver and applied the resurfacer according to Behr’s directions. They all observed, however, that the resurfacer started to fail prematurely, and as a consequence, they have had to pay out-of-pocket to fix the damage, which includes the cost of deck repair and/or replacement.

According to the Home Depot class action complaint, Behr has not completely compensated any of the claimants for the losses they suffered after using the allegedly faulty DeckOver resurfacer. If the plaintiffs had known Behr DeckOver would not work as promised, they claim they would not have bought or used it.

The plaintiffs want to represent a group of people who bought Behr DeckOver in the United States. Declaratory relief, injunctive and/or equitable relief, unjust enrichment, negligent misrepresentation, violation of various state consumer protection laws, violation of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and violation of the California False Advertising Law are among the claims asserted in the Behr class action lawsuit.


Katrina Carroll, Kyle A. Shamberg, and Ismael T. Salam of Lite DePalma Greenberg LLC are representing the plaintiffs.

Kathleen Bishop, et al. v. Behr Process Corp., et al., Case No. 1:17-cv-04464, is a class action lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.

UPDATE: The preliminary approval of a Behr DeckOver Class Action Settlement has been obtained. The claim form will be accessible on or around August 6, 2018, according to the settlement website. As soon as the claim form is ready, Top Class Actions will notify our readers.

UPDATE 2: The Behr DeckOver class action settlement is now available as of September 2018. To submit a claim, go here. 

UPDATE 3: On April 9, 2020, viewers of Top Class Actions began receiving payments from the Behr DeckOver class action settlement, which may be valued up to $3,060. Thank you to everyone who submitted a claim and received payment!


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The behr deckover new formula is a product that was released by Home Depot. The company has been sued for allegedly selling defective products.

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