Samsung Refrigerator Enters Mediation

Samsung has entered into mediation with the FTC over allegations of deceptive advertising. The company is accused of misleading consumers about the energy efficiency of their refrigerators, which are advertised as being more efficient than other models.

Samsung-Refrigerator-Enters-Mediation-Top-sA federal court judge has scheduled a mediation hearing in a Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit claiming that the ice makers on some models leak.

Plaintiffs in the lead In their Samsung ice maker class action complaint, Ronald and Debra Bianchi alleged that a flaw in Samsung refrigerators with French door external dispensers caused a slew of issues.

According to the Samsung class action, the fault causes leaking, ice to convert to slush, over-freezing, and fan noise.

The initial lawsuit was filed in federal court in New Jersey in 2017. Judge Claire C. Cecchi of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ordered the parties to participate in mediation in April of this year. The participants in the Samsung refrigerator class action case will need to agree on a mediator or a third party to assist them in resolving the claims.

The Bianchis claim they spent weeks deciding which refrigerator to buy and eventually decided on a new Samsung 22.5 cu. foot French Door Refrigerator with an exterior built-in ice maker after doing thorough study on the more than $2,000 purchase in their initial complaint. Their ice machine started to malfunction shortly after the warranty on their refrigerator expired, they claim.


The Samsung ice machine started to leak and produce “loud, startling sounds,” according to the class action complaint.

Thousands of customers have been affected by the leaking refrigerators, according to the Bianchis’ Samsung ice maker class action complaint. Residential refrigerators with a built-in French door exterior dispenser are among the types under question.

The following models are thought to be affected: RF23HCEDB, RF23HCEDT, RFH23HSESB, RF23HTEDB, RF23J9011, RF24FSEDB, RF25HMEDB, RF263BEAE, RF263TEAE, RF26J7500, RF28HDEDB, RF28HDEDT, RF28HFEDB, RF28HFEDT, RF28HFPD

According to the lawsuit, the faulty ice makers cause leaks not just outside but also within the refrigerator. Furthermore, customers claim that the ice bucket gets stuck, perhaps as a result of the defect’s blocked drain.

As a consequence, the plaintiffs claim, the ice maker in certain units becomes useless.


According to the class action complaint, the ice maker in the impacted refrigerators is the TSB 2015 model.

Samsung is being sued in a class action lawsuit for refusing to repair the issue or replace the faulty ice makers. Consumers must instead do “hands-on maintenance and repair,” according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs claim that if they had known about the faulty ice maker, they and others would not have bought or paid as much for the affected Samsung refrigerators.

Samsung has filed a petition to dismiss the class action case before the court-ordered mediation.

What are your thoughts on the case going to mediation? Do you believe that a class-action settlement should have been struck to benefit all consumers?


Mitchell M. Breit and Paul J. Hanly, Jr. of Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC, Jonathan Shub of Kohn Swift & Graf PC, Gregory Coleman, Mark Silvey, Adam Edwards, and Lisa White of Greg Coleman Law PC are representing the main plaintiffs and proposed Class Members.

Bianchi, et at. v. Samsung Electronics America Inc., et al., Case No. 2:17-cv-01263, is a Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Samsung Refrigerator entered into mediation, which means that they will be able to keep their products on the market. Reference: samsung refrigerator refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any lawsuit against Samsung refrigerator?

There is no lawsuit against Samsung refrigerator.

What is wrong with Samsung refrigerators?

Samsung refrigerators are known to be unreliable and glitchy.

How do you reset a Samsung refrigerator?

You have to unplug the refrigerator from the power source and wait for about 20 minutes.

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