Menards Alleges Deceptive Rebate Program

Menards is accused of deceiving customers with a rebate program that promised to offer discounts on purchases, but never did. Customers who purchased items from the company were told they would receive a $10 or $50 rebate for every $100 spent and were given receipts to prove their purchase.

Menards has been accused of running a deceptive rebate program. Menards allegedly offered customers a $50 rebate, but then deducted the amount from their account balance.

Menards-Alleges-Deceptive-Rebate-Program-Top-sConsumers have filed a class action complaint against Menards, alleging that the home improvement retailer provides a shady rebate scheme.

Amy Childers, the plaintiff, claims she went to the Menards website to buy fence panels during an advertised “11 percent off everything” sale.

She reportedly downloaded the rebate voucher that matched to her purchase from Menards’ Rebate Center online after she made her transaction. She then printed off the coupon and sent it to the website’s address.

Childers claims she waited six to eight weeks for the refund to be processed but never received anything from Menards in the mail.

Then, in December 2018, she was informed that her purchase was not eligible for the 11% off rebate since the goods she bought were on sale and therefore did not qualify.


Childers says she was not informed that the goods were on sale and therefore not qualified for a refund before she purchased them. She further claims that at no point throughout her transaction did she notice any text indicating that her purchase was not qualified for the refund.

According to the Menards class action complaint, “Menards violated its contract with Childers by failing to deliver the rebate checks to Childers at all, or by failing to pay the entire amount promised.”

Menards established the mail-in rebate program, according to the lawsuit, to “reduce the issuing and redemption of rebates.”

In addition, the Menards class action alleges that Menards willfully and routinely refuses to pay the 11% rebate to individuals who have followed the proper procedure for obtaining the refund.

The plaintiff claims that Menards’ rebate procedure “systematically denies its customers the full value of the rebates that they earned by adhering to the rules of Menards’ rebate program, buying goods within the rebate promotional period, and promptly completing the necessary rebate paperwork.”


Menards is being sued in a class action lawsuit for engaging in “unfair, misleading, and unlawful activities,” including misrepresenting their rebate program. The plaintiffs also want Menards to provide refunds to those who have followed the rebate procedure to the letter.

The Menards class action complaint also alleges that the company’s rebate scheme is “the best of both worlds,” since it allows them to offer their products at full price while knowing that many consumers would never get refunds.

The plaintiffs allege that Menards’ rebate procedure is intended to reject refunds that its customers earned under the provisions of its rebate program after buying goods during rebate promotions and promptly completing the necessary documentation.

Customers have no means of monitoring their particular reimbursements after sending in their rebate forms, according to the Menards class action, which cites hundreds of online complaints regarding Menards’ rebate program. Menards can only be contacted through an online form or a P.O. Box number, according to them.

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Eric J. Haag of Atterbury, Kammer & Haag, S.C., and Sabita J. Soneji and V Chai Oliver Prentice of Tycko & Zavareei LLP are representing the plaintiffs.

Childers, et al. v. Menard Inc., Case No. 3:20-cv-00107, is the Menards Rebate Class Action Lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.

Menards has been accused of running a deceptive rebate program, where they would advertise one price for an item and then charge more. Reference: menards rebates forum.

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