How Much Should a Truck Driver Get Paid?

The United States federal minimum wage is $7.25/hour ($1,410 a month). Truckers are often paid per load and salary for many smaller routes which might have been up to 20 miles long. Some truck drivers even earn more than the national median income of around $58,000 annually with overtime pay available after 40 hours or … Read more

Ford Engine Problem Lawsuit

Ford has been at the center of a number of lawsuits and investigations since 2002, with some accusing them for knowingly selling defective engines. The automaker reached a settlement in their latest class action lawsuit this week after agreeing to pay out $13 million USD worth of compensation to those affected by Ford’s faulty engine … Read more

McDonald’s Says Ice Cream Made With Fake Vanilla

The fast food giant has been on a mission to eliminate synthetic ingredients from its products. A new report says McDonald’s replaces the fake vanilla in the ice cream with real vanilla extract and other natural flavors. McDonald’s has changed their recipe for ice cream. They have replaced their fake vanilla with real vanilla extract, … Read more