Juul Vaporizer Lawsuit

Juul is facing a lawsuit for allegedly targeting teens with their vaporizers. The company has countered that they are not responsible for minors’ actions and say the suits merely seek to capitalize on public fears about vaping. If Juul prevails in court, it will open up opportunities for other companies looking to bring down new regulations from the government.

The “Juul Vaporizer Lawsuit” is a lawsuit that has been filed against Juul for the marketing of their product as a safe alternative to cigarettes, when in fact it was not. The lawsuit also includes claims of negligence and fraud. Read more in detail here: juul lawsuit compensation.

Juul Vaporizer Lawsuit

Morgan & Morgan is fighting to hold e-cigarette brand Juul accountable for not warning consumers about the nicotine and other potentially dangerous ingredients contained in its vaporizer oils. Juul and other e-cig brands have been steadily rising in popularity with kids and teens for years, and millions of middle- and high-school-age children have used these products at least once. 

Juul has a higher nicotine content than the majority of other e-cigarettes. Consumption of this substance may lead to a lifetime addiction and has been linked to a number of unfavorable health outcomes, including: 

  • Blood pressure and blood sugar levels are negatively affected.
  • Plaque formation on artery walls is promoted, which might lead to heart disease.
  • Ulcers causing 
  • Psychological symptom induction
  • Having an effect on the mood

Nicotine addiction is both hazardous and expensive in and of itself. It produces physical and emotional suffering anytime a person attempts to break the addiction. It generates a need to keep acquiring and eating pricey things that are harmful to one’s health.

Because of their still-growing brains, children and teens are more sensitive to establishing an addiction, and are therefore more likely to fall to a nicotine addiction after even a brief time of e-cigarette usage. Juul may not have done enough to prevent minors from using its products and may have promoted to them knowingly. 

Is This Lawsuit Right for You?

You may be entitled for compensation if you or a loved one used Juul before November 2018 and before turning 18 years old. Millions of non-adults may have developed a lifetime addiction to Juul and experienced various negative health consequences as a result of their usage, and we want to represent you if you or someone you know is one of them. 

Defending the People

Morgan & Morgan has battled Big Tobacco for years, winning over $90 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients who had been harmed by product manufacturers that didn’t do enough to protect their consumers from harm. Many people don’t smoke tobacco anymore, but the alternatives they’re using may turn out to be harmful in their own right. 

We’re holding a new generation of tobacco companies and brands responsible. To find out whether you’re entitled for compensation, call us now for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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The “juul class action lawsuit sign up” is a lawsuit that has been filed against Juul. The lawsuit alleges that the company failed to disclose the risks of using their product.

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