Is There a Nissan Altima Transmission Recall?

There is no current recall for the Nissan Altima. The only recalls related to transmissions are limited to specific models, not this one in particular. Additionally, there have been zero collisions or injuries related to problems with its transmission that would lead us to believe that it poses a risk for consumers

A Nissan Altima transmission recall has been issued in North America. The automaker is offering a free replacement for owners of certain models with the issue.The “nissan altima transmission problems” is a question that many people are asking. The answer to the question is yes, there is a Nissan Altima Transmission Recall.


For years, the Nissan Altima’s continuously variable gearbox has been a source of criticism. Some customers have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and numerous online consumer forums about the absence of a Nissan Altima gearbox recall. Others have taken legal action against the carmaker, launching class action lawsuits.

What Are the Nissan Altima’s Transmission Issues?

According to Car and Driver magazine, a continuously variable gearbox, or CVT, changes through an infinite variety of “gear ratios” while driving, as opposed to a limited number of gears that a conventional transmission goes through with “hard shifts.” The design is intended to provide smoother acceleration for drivers. Many customers, on the other hand, have reported the exact opposite.

According to owners who frequently submit complaints on websites such as,, and, the CVTs installed in the Nissan Altimas have produced a range of issues, including shaking, losing acceleration, and stalling.

This may be because the car is having trouble changing gear ratios. A burning odor emanating from the vehicle, strange sounds such as whining, grinding, or buzzing when driving, gears sliding out of place, fluid seeping beneath the vehicle, or the check engine light turning on are all early indications of CVT transmission issues.


When shifting gears or moving from park to drive, the vehicle may abruptly halt or become unresponsive. Taking your automobile to the dealership as soon as you notice signs of a potential transmission problem may help you avoid further damage to your vehicle.

The NHTSA “had received 263 complaints about the CVT power train on the 2013 Nissan Altima and 99 complaints regarding the CVT power train on the 2014 Nissan Altima,” according to court papers in a 2018 lawsuit against Nissan.

According to, Nissan set aside $590.5 million in April 2019 to extend warranties on CVTs used in 3 million vehicles sold between 2012 and 2017, including the Altima, from five to seven years.

1631372156_922_Is-There-a-Nissan-Altima-Transmission-Recall-Top-sWere Nissan engineers aware of the CVT flaws?

According to Automotive News, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn stated in 2013 that the manufacturer will increase supervision of the firm that makes its CVTs due to low consumer satisfaction with the gearbox.

There has never been a Nissan Altima gearbox recall.


What Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Nissan Altima CVT?

Three Altima owners filed two class action lawsuits against Nissan Motor Company in federal court in 2018, alleging that their gearboxes were faulty and that Nissan knew about it. Both lawsuits were filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, which is home to Nissan’s U.S. headquarters.

California residents Salome Madrid and Terese Miranda filed the first case, citing identical concerns about the Altima.

Miranda says she had to return her Altima to the shop at least four times for gearbox issues in the four years since she purchased it. Meanwhile, Madrid bought a new Altima in 2014, again with the CVT gearbox, and returned it to the dealer three times over the following two years due to transmission issues.

The dealership replaced the gearbox on the third trip. The issues continued a year later, so Madrid says the shop changed the gearbox a second time.

Christopher Gann said in September 2018 that his Altima was similarly plagued by gearbox issues. The vehicle began to shake and tremble three years after it was purchased new, and ultimately stopped and could not be restarted. According to Gann, he was informed that the transmission would need to be replaced. For the repair, he paid $3,754.49 to the dealership.


Another Nissan owner says that she has previously replaced two transmissions and now needs a third. Despite the fact that her vehicle has just 130,000 miles on it, the gearboxes keep breaking. According to her, the vehicle initially runs properly, but after driving for more than an hour, it starts to have transmission problems, including over-revving and producing whiny noises.

She was also concerned that since the vehicle was out of warranty and the manufacturer had not issued a Nissan Altima gearbox recall, she would be forced to pay for a third transmission repair out of pocket. A transmission replacement may cost upwards of $3,500. Even though Nissan agreed to pay for the third replacement, there is no assurance that the car would not need a fourth.

Should You File a Class Action Lawsuit Against Nissan Altima?

If you have had issues with the CVT and are upset by the absence of a Nissan Altima gearbox recall, you may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Madrid, et al v. Nissan North America Inc., et al., Case No. 3:18-cv-00534 and Gann v. Nissan North America Inc., Case No. 3:18-cv-00966, both in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, are the Nissan Motor Company Class Action Lawsuits.

The “2017 nissan altima transmission problems” is a question that has been asked in the past. There was a Nissan Altima Transmission Recall in 2017, but it only applied to certain models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a recall on Nissan CVT transmissions?

A: There is no recall.

Are Nissan Altima known for transmission problems?

A: The Nissan Altima, is known for its transmission problems. It has the reputation of being one of the most reliable cars and models due to its dependable and sturdy design.

What year Nissan Altimas have transmission problems?

A: I did not understand the question.

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