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Ford Motor Company agreed to pay $10.5 million in compensation to settle a class action lawsuit that alleged it was misleading consumers about the quality of its transmissions with claims such as “Ford’s best-in-class torque capacity and smooth power delivery is unmatched by any competitor, known or unknown.

The “ford transmission settlement update 2021” is a recent update to the Ford Transmission Settlement. It was released on July 1, 2021.

A class action settlement may pay up to $3,000 in cash or $5,800 in vehicle discount vouchers to Ford Focus and Fiesta owners in Canada who claim their cars had a faulty gearbox that caused them to kick and jerk.

Although the time to make a claim for repairs made before June 26, 2019 has passed, claims for future repairs made after that date may still be filed 180 days following the service visit date.

Those who bought or leased a 2011 to 2016 Ford Fiesta or a Ford Focus model year 2012 to 2016 in Canada with a PowerShift Transmission are eligible to join the class.

Class members must have visited an authorized Ford dealer numerous times due to the fault, and repairs to the transmission, software flashes, a new clutch, or other ongoing issues must have occurred or are now happening.

Consumer concerns that model year 2011 through 2016 Fiestas and 2012-2016 Focuses were plagued with a transmission problem led to the filing of the Canada Ford transmission class action lawsuit.

The flaw, according to the plaintiffs, poses a significant safety risk to passengers and other cars on the road.

According to the class action complaint filed by Ford in Canada, the issue may cause afflicted cars to accelerate abruptly and without warning. The afflicted cars were also said to be prone to skipping, bucking, and jerking abruptly, according to the lawsuit. Drivers may also notice a delay in acceleration.

The plaintiffs claim that they and other Fiesta and Focus owners were often forced to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Furthermore, the Canada Ford gearbox class action complaint claims that if Class Members had known about the problem, they would not have bought or paid as much for the cars.

The carmaker denied any wrongdoing, but agreed to settle the class action lawsuit in Canada.

Class Members may receive a cash payout or a partial refund of the purchase price of their Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus under the provisions of the settlement agreement, based on the condition and repairs their car needed. Different amounts are available to Class Members depending on the number of service visits and types of repairs performed.

Class members who want to receive up to $2,932 in cash or a $5,864 discount certificate must have had three or more service visits to an authorized Ford dealer, with each visit requiring the replacement of a qualifying hardware part in their transmission, and the visits must have occurred within seven years or the first 160,000 kilometers from the vehicle’s manufacture or first delivery.

During the visits, each Class Member must have owned or leased the impacted car.

Class members may also file a claim if they have three or more software flashes on their Ford Fiesta or Focus at an authorized Ford dealer. Class members may get up to $65 for each visit, up to a total of $780.

Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus owners may seek compensation for the replacement of two or more clutches on vehicles produced after June 5, 2013, under the terms of the Canada Ford transmission class action settlement. Replacements have to happen within five years after manufacturing and 100,000 kilometers.

In addition, Ford may offer to buy cars from Class Members whose qualified Ford Fiestas or Ford Focuses are still experiencing gearbox issues after two or more service visits.

Class Members must provide the vehicle’s VIN, the name and location of the Ford dealer where their car was maintained, and a description of the service, as well as evidence that they owned or leased the car at the time of service, in order to file a claim. Online or by mail, claims may be filed.

On March 5, 2019, the deadlines for opting out of or objecting to the Canada Ford transmission class action settlement passed. On March 18, 2019, the settlement was given final approval.

The “ford fiesta transmission recall” is a settlement that was made by Ford. The company will be giving $1,000 to every person who had a transmission issue with their car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sue Ford for transmission problems?

A: You can not, unfortunately. The product you are referring to is a motor vehicle and in the United States they do not require liability for defects.

How do I join a Ford class action lawsuit?

A: You will need to fill out a form on the Ford website. Please also note that you are not eligible for this lawsuit if you live outside of the United States or Canada, as it is only available for those living in these countries.

How do I file a claim with Ford?

A: The process for filing a claim with Ford is different in every state. You should consult your local DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles to find out their requirements in regards to filing claims.

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