Epson Says Printers Disabled When Non-Epson Ink Used

Epson claims that the use of ink not made by their company has caused printers to stop working for no fault of the user.

Epson printers have been known to disable when non-Epson ink is used. The “how to bypass epson printer cartridge error” has been around for a while, but it’s still a problem.

Epson-Says-Printers-Disabled-When-Non-Epson-Ink-Used-TopAccording to a class action complaint, Epson incorrectly prohibits their printers from functioning with ink from other manufacturers.

When William Mondigo and Richard Famiglietti bought their printers, they read the specs and saw that Epson did not mention that if a third-party ink cartridge was used, the printers would be disabled.

When a consumer tries to utilize non-Epson ink cartridges, Epson allegedly participates in a “systematic campaign” of disabling Epson printers. According to Mondigo and Famiglietti, the firm does this by creating software upgrades that deactivate printers when non-Epson ink cartridges are used.

The two customers went on to say that the third-party ink cartridges are OK, and that they operate with Epson printers that haven’t received the software update that disables the printers.


Mondigo and Famiglietti further point out that they, along with other customers, did not give Epson permission to deactivate their printers. Customers clarify that a buyer must agree to Epson’s license agreement, which stipulates that Epson has the right to install software upgrades. The license, however, is said to be silent on the possibility that these upgrades may deactivate the printers.

According to Mondigo and Famiglietti, these upgrades severely damaged Epson printers for many customers. Customers claim that they were compelled to pay more for ink cartridges than they would have otherwise since Epson ink cartridges are considerably more expensive than third-party cartridges, with some costing up to $150.

The plaintiffs further point out that, in many instances, the cost of replacing cartridges is greater than the cost of the printer itself over the course of its lifespan.

According to the Epson printer class action complaint, Epson failed to notify printer owners that the firm will upgrade the software to prevent the printers from working with non-Epson ink. Epson claimed that the software upgrades would “improve the printers and address known issues,” according to the Epson printer class action complaint.

Epson’s effort to deactivate printers when third-party cartridges are used, according to the Epson ink cartridge class action complaint, goes beyond information given in the Epson 2018 Annual Report. According to the study, Epson printers can be utilized with third-party ink cartridges, but that consumer usage of these third-party goods may hurt the company’s bottom line.


However, according to the Epson printer ink cartridge class action lawsuit, Epson does not discuss disabling printers as a way to increase market share in that report, instead suggesting tactics such as “emphasizing the quality of genuine Epson brand” and “enhance[ing] customer experience and developing new products…”

When you utilized a third-party ink cartridge, was your printer disabled? Let us know what you think in the comments area.

Carlson Lynch LLP’s Jae K. Kim, Eric D. Zard, Edwin J. Kilpela, and James P. McGraw, as well as Michael K. Yarnoff of Kehoe Law Firm PC, are representing Mondigo and Famiglietti.

William Mondigo, et al. v. Epson America Inc., Case No. 3:19-cv-02009-BEN-BGS, is a class action lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.

Epson, a printer manufacturer, has been accused of disabling printers when non-Epson ink is used. Epson says that the issue is caused by a “faulty chip.” The company has said that they are working on a fix. Reference: how to trick epson ink cartridges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I override my Epson ink cartridge not recognized?

A: This is a common issue with the Epson ink cartridges. Try to replace your cartridge with a fully functional one, and then try again. If that does not work, you can also repair your printer by following this guide on how to fix the error code 1015

Why will my Epson printer not accept compatible inks?

A: Your printer may not accept compatible inks because there are two different types of ink cartridges. You will need to use the original Epson brand ink cartridge for this to work properly, so youll have to get a new one from your local store.

Do Epson printers work with non Epson ink?

A: No, they do not work with non-Epson ink because the printer would have been designed for Epsons inks.

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