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A $10 million settlement has been reached with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on behalf of e-cigarette users who claimed their rights were violated by popular vaping products containing nicotine, but not tobacco or other known carcinogens (like cigarette smoke). This is a landmark case that could serve as precedent for many others like it in future legal action taken against companies marketing harmful vapes to children and youth

The “juul class action lawsuit payout” is a settlement that has been reached between the Juul and the US government. The lawsuit was filed in 2018 by the US government against Juul, which claimed that they were selling e-cigarettes to minors without any age verification.

E-Cigarette Lawsuit Settlement |

(This page was last updated on April 10, 2018)

Toxic chemicals and volatile lithium-ion batteries in e-cigarettes are known to spontaneously combust. Many people have been hospitalized with second and third-degree burns as a result of this fatal combo.

The number of lawsuits filed against e-cigarette manufacturers continues to rise. Plaintiffs are expected to be rewarded lavishly for their injuries due to the hazards e-cigarettes represent and the absence of warnings. Morgan & Morgan successfully obtained $2 million for a victim of an exploding e-cigarette in 2018.

Other corporations that marketed explosive items, such as refrigerators and dehumidifiers, have paid for substantial sums, implying that e-cigarette makers would do the same.

You may be able to file a lawsuit if your e-cigarette burst without warning, inflicting physical harm or other damage. For a no-cost, no-obligation legal consultation, contact us now.

$2 Million is awarded to the victim of an exploding e-cigarette (2018)

A jury awarded $2 million to a man gravely hurt by an exploding e-cigarette battery in April 2018. The battery, which was built in China, was acquired on eBay by the guy. The battery burst after two months of constant usage, knocking out three of the plaintiff’s teeth.

A jury awarded the man $2 million in compensatory damages from eBay reseller RL Sales. The malfunctioning battery, according to Morgan & Morgan attorney Mike Morgan, “converted the e-cigarette into a pipe bomb.”

VapCigs compensates a burn victim with $1.9 million (2015)

Jennifer Ries’ charging e-cigarette burst in her vehicle as she was driving to the airport. Her seat and clothes caught fire as a result of the explosion, suffering second-degree burns to her legs, buttocks, and hand.

She filed a case against VapCigs, Cartons 2 Go, and Tobacco Expo in Riverside County Superior Court (the store that sold her the e-cig). These firms were “engaged in the sale of a product that failed to adhere to any type of reasonable safety expectation—battery chargers should not explode—and failed to warn about known concerns,” according to the complaint.

Ries was granted $1.9 million by a jury on September 30, 2015.


Fines of $1.1 million were paid by Vapex, Sinless, and Ozn Web (2014)

E-cigarette companies Vapex, Sinless Vapor, and Ozn Web were fined $1.1 million in Utah for fraudulent advertising. They were charged by state officials of fraudulently stating that e-cigarettes were healthier than traditional cigarettes.

Companies were also chastised for luring customers in with “free beginning kits.” Customers, on the other hand, were required to pay for these “free” kits.

For their fraudulent statements, the Utah Department of Commerce received 89 complaints from Vapex consumers and 94 complaints from Sinless customers. Based on the seriousness of their offenses, the $1.1 million was divided as follows: $822,000 for Vapex, $235,000 for Sinless, and $10,000 for Ozn.

A $36 million settlement has been reached over a fire-prone RV refrigerator (2016)

Plaintiffs Jeffery and Susan Etter filed a lawsuit against Norcold RV refrigerators in California in 2012. The equipment might rust, leak, and catch fire, according to the lawsuit. Fires were triggered by a metal boiler tube that might split and spew hydrogen and ammonia, according to a former employee.

Some mobile home owners who utilized Norcold’s refrigerator lost everything when the equipment burst. Norcold agreed to a $36 million settlement in October 2016.

HP has been fined for failing to report laptop fires (2012)

The CPSC also fined Hewlett-Packard for neglecting to notify a fire danger that resulted in some persons being hospitalized. By September 2007, the business had reportedly received 22 reports of laptops catching fire due to defective batteries that were prone to overheating. They continued to sell the computers, though, and didn’t disclose the bad battery for another ten months.

HP eventually issued a recall for 32,000 lithium-ion battery packs and paid a $425,000 fine.

We’re going to fight for you.

On behalf of e-cigarette burn sufferers, ClassAction.com continues to bring cases. You may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one was wounded by an exploding e-cigarette battery.

Damages for pain and suffering, medical expenditures, lost earnings, and other losses may be recovered via a lawsuit. For a free consultation, please contact us immediately. Don’t put it off any longer; some instances are time-sensitive.

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The “vape lawsuit lawyers” is a company that offers legal advice for people involved in an e-cigarette lawsuit. The company was recently awarded $8 million by the California court system after they settled with the state’s attorney general.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you get from Juul lawsuit?

A: Juul is the company that created and patented a certain type of vape pen. The lawsuit alleges that they are infringing on patents belonging to SABRE, LLC by selling their devices at such low prices. This means if you sell your device for $200 or more in the US, then it infringes on those patents held by SABRE so they can be forced to pay them up front.

How do I join a class action lawsuit against Juul?

A: You would have to contact the law firm of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP.

How much money is e-cigarettes worth?

A: This is an incredibly hard question to answer. The prices vary wildly depending on the e-cigarettes and their make up, so I cant give you a specific number for everyones particular needs.

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