Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis May Result From Errors in Pap Smear Screening

In the United States, cervical cancer rates have dropped in recent years thanks to increased access to Pap smear screenings. These tests are intended to detect precancerous cells on cervixes that can lead to a diagnosis and medical treatment before they become more serious. However, many cases of undiagnosed cervical cancer may be because of errors made by the screening process itself—errors that could potentially result in widespread death if not recognized soon enough.

Cervical cancer misdiagnosis stories are a way for women to discuss their experiences with cervical cancer. These stories often include the story of the woman’s diagnosis and treatment, as well as how they feel about it now.

Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis May Result From Errors in Pap Smear Screening

Cervical-Cancer-Misdiagnosis-May-Result-From-Errors-in-Pap-SmearPatients are paying the price after a hospital’s mistakes in a pap smear test resulted in cervical cancer being overlooked, according to news reports.

According to the Daily Mail, a hospital in Bristol overlooked numerous instances of cervical cancer due to pap smear screening mistakes.

Cervical cancer may generally be detected early on using Pap tests, allowing it to be treated before it progresses. However, pap smears may be misread, resulting in cervical cancer not being detected before it progresses.

Because a pap smear screening includes the collection of cells that must be examined by a person, human error may sometimes result in an erroneous diagnosis being given to a patient. According to accounts, this happened at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, and it happened more than once.


Complications in Southmead

A lady who had a cervical cancer pap smear screening done at the hospital had to pay a negligent payment to the hospital and the North Bristol NHS Trust in 2014. Two tests allegedly revealed that she was cancer-free, despite the fact that she had cervical cancer. She allegedly needed a hysterectomy after that, and she is asking that the pathology department at Southmead be investigated for misconduct.

According to the Daily Mail, a similar mistake happened again when the same hospital allegedly failed to detect cervical cancer in a pap smear test in one of its own nurses, Julie O. She allegedly started getting pap screenings at the hospital in 2014 and was informed she did not have cervical cancer six times. In February of this year, she allegedly died of cervical cancer.

“The year Julie had her first smear was the year my case ended and they [the trust] claimed they had made all these changes,” the lady with whom the hospital negotiated a settlement said. However, she expressed her doubts about whether they made any of the stated improvements since a similar issue arose again.

The lady was also concerned that the hospital may have overlooked numerous more instances of cervical cancer.

Errors in Pap Smears

Unfortunately, instances of cervical cancer diagnosis missed owing to a pap smear screening mistake are not confined to Southmead Hospital.


According to the Irish Mirror, Margaret, a 42-year-old lady, has filed a lawsuit over a missed cervical cancer diagnosis. She claims she was diagnosed with cervical cancer after two rounds of pap smear screening revealed she was healthy. Margaret claims that she is now infertile as a result of her cancer not being detected sooner, and that she had to undergo severe and traumatic operations to treat her illness. 

“I’m suing because I got cervical cancer and now I’m at a greater chance of having other malignancies for the rest of my life,” Margaret told the Mirror. I need to know that if this occurs again, I’ll have…a cushion if I have to go into hospital for expensive treatments — that I won’t be financially strained while going through cancer again.”

The “can doctor see cervical cancer during colposcopy” is a misdiagnosis of cervical cancer that can be caused by errors in Pap smear screening.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be misdiagnosed as cervical cancer?

A: Cervical cancer on the cervix, but also includes a broad range of cancers related to the cervix. The most significant risk factors for developing cervical cancer are human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and tobacco smoking.

What can cause a false positive on a Pap smear?

A: A false positive on a Pap smear can be caused by an infection or inflammation of the cervix, which would produce abnormal cells that are not cancerous. This could then lead to further tests in order to make sure everything is okay with your body and, if it isnt, you will need more testing done.

Can smear tests cause cervical cancer?

A: Scrapes and smears of cells from the cervix do not cause cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by abnormal changes in the tissue that leads to malignant tumors. Most smear tests detect abnormal cell changes before they become invasive, so its possible that smear test may help prevent a person from getting invasive cervical cancer later on.

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