Attorneys File Lawsuits Over Explosive E-Cigarettes

The lawsuits filed in California, Florida and North Carolina allege that the plaintiffs were burned by one or more e-cigarette batteries. .

The “ecigs” are a type of electronic cigarette that has been exploding and causing serious injuries. Attorneys have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of these e-cigarettes.

Attorneys File Lawsuits Over Explosive E-Cigarettes

James Lauria was having a vape break from his work as a concierge at the Beach House, a Wyndham Resort in Destin, Florida, about 11 a.m. on July 29, 2015. The e-cigarette in his mouth burst without warning, creating a wide hole between the roof of his mouth and his naval cavity, fractured his teeth and hand, and caused additional injuries.

Attorneys at have filed a lawsuit against the companies that produced Mr. Lauria’s e-cigarette and the stores who sold it to him.

Because his esophagus was bloated and he couldn’t breathe on his own, Mr. Lauria had to be intubated. He was evacuated across state borders to the trauma and burn center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), where he was treated for significant injuries.

Our lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the e-cigarette producers and dealers who sold it to Mr. Lauria. In addition, we have filed two more claims on behalf of Florida people who have been wounded by e-cigarette explosions. The complaints may be found here:

Damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, hospital/medical expenditures, and lost earnings are sought in these claims (past and future).

Third-degree burns and fractured vertebrae are among the injuries sustained by the victim.

An e-cigarette battery reportedly burst in David Studer's pocket, breaking his leg.An e-cigarette battery reportedly burst in David Studer’s pocket, breaking his leg.

Mr. Lauria, like millions of other Americans, turned to vaping to help him stop smoking and safeguard his health. It’s painfully ironic, therefore, that an electronic cigarette caused him so much anguish and suffering.

The e-cigarette explosion “caused substantial harm” to Mr. Lauria, according to his lawsuit.

including but not limited to puncturing the palate in the roof of his mouth, leaving a gaping hole all the way through to his nasal cavity, jamming teeth through his gum, fracturing teeth, burning his left hand that was holding the vaporizer, fracturing his hand and his C-5 vertebrae, burning the left side of his face and chest area, and scratching his left eye from flying debris from the explosion

Another plaintiff, William Pickett, was driving to work when an e-cigarette burst in his pocket, “engulfing [his] leg in flames.” Mr. Pickett claims he was burned in the second and third degrees.

In a separate incident, David Studer of Florida was hurt when an e-cigarette battery burst in his shorts pocket, setting them on fire. According to Mr. Studer’s allegation, he was burned in the second and third degrees on his thigh.


While the details of each complaint differ, they all have one thing in common: an e-cigarette burst, gravely hurting someone who had no reason to anticipate it and no method of avoiding it.

“The worrisome issue about e-cigarettes is that most of the devices and their components are produced in China,” said attorney Mike Morgan. The exploding batteries are either low-cost or just re-wrapped lithium ion batteries.”

“Many of the devices lack sufficient ventilation, transforming the gadget into a pipe bomb,” Mr. Morgan said, “where heat released from the battery builds up in the e-cig until the pressure is so tremendous that it explodes.”

The Explosive Batteries in E-Cigs are the Same as in Samsung Phones.

However, our customers’ experiences are not unique: there have been hundreds of similar explosions. Between 2009 and 2014, there were at least 25 e-cigarette explosions, at least a dozen more in 2015, and dozens more in 2016. From 2009 through January 2016, the FDA received 134 complaints of vape-related flames and explosions, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The video of an e-cigarette bursting in a French man’s pocket went viral earlier this month. When he attempted to put out the fire, the guy, Amine Britel, claimed his jacket melted around his finger and he sustained second-degree burns.

These are the same kind of hazardous batteries that have afflicted hoverboards and Samsung Galaxy phones, as Mr. Morgan pointed out. “As we witnessed with the Samsung fiasco, these batteries are very sensitive, and even the tiniest error may result in catastrophic results.”

Samsung, which reportedly produced the exploding battery, is one of the defendants in Mr. Pickett’s complaint.


The FDA started regulating the vaping sector early this year because e-cigarette batteries are so volatile (and their additives are so dangerous). The government thinks that by looking more closely at what goes into these gadgets, it will be able to prevent tragedies like Mr. Lauria’s.

Ensure that vape companies be held accountable

Vaping’s many explosions and other health risks have resulted in a rush of e-cigarette lawsuits against makers and sellers.

Our lawyers are now pursuing litigation against e-cigarette businesses in the hopes of addressing this growing public health problem. We will get redress for these victims and make e-cigarette firms responsible for their irresponsibility via legal action.

Please call us right away if you or a loved one has been wounded by e-cigarettes for a free consultation. Don’t wait; these are time-sensitive matters, and you might be due money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sue if vape explodes?

A: Vaping is not a regulated industry and there are no laws or regulations in place that mandate standards for the safety of exploding vapes. This means that you cannot sue if an exploding vape injures you or your property because it is impossible to prove negligence on behalf of the manufacturer.

What vape companies are being sued?

A: Vape companies who were sued in 2018 include Juul, Izzo Vapor, Apollo G Pens.

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