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Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug with many side-effects. It’s been the subject of lawsuits and settlements in recent years, as patients claim they were not warned about its effects like they should have been.

Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug that is used to treat breast cancer. The drug has been associated with causing severe side effects, including hair loss, fatigue, and nausea. If you or someone you know has experienced any of these symptoms after taking Taxotere, there may be grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Our lawyers are actively pursuing legal action on behalf of ladies who lost their hair permanently after taking the chemotherapy medication Taxotere (alopecia).

Women who are undergoing cancer treatment anticipate their hair to fall out, but they are assured that it will regrow when the treatment is through. They also expect to be told if a particular chemo medication has an exceptionally high risk of permanent hair loss so that they may make an educated health-care choice.

Our lawyers are pursuing legal action on behalf of women who took Taxotere and had irreversible hair loss as a result (alopecia).

Women were never offered this option with Taxotere, which studies suggest is more likely than comparable, similarly effective chemotherapy medicines to induce permanent baldness. This is because women were not cautioned about the alopecia adverse effects.

Sanofi put alopecia warnings on Taxotere marketed in Canada and Europe for years, but not on Taxotere sold in the United States until 2015. As a consequence, several women believe they have experienced lifelong hair loss that might have been avoided.

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Women’s Hair Loss Is Devastating

Women who have lost hair as a result of chemotherapy have indicated that, although they have recovered from cancer, their baldness has prevented them from fully recovering.

Some women have said that losing a breast to cancer is preferable than losing their hair.

Hair loss is linked to poor self-esteem, low self-confidence, sadness, and other negative emotional repercussions. Hair loss has a psychological effect on both men and women, but women are more badly struck. Theoretically, these sensations are caused by social beauty standards aimed at women, according to doctors.

Hair loss has left them feeling self-conscious, ugly, and socially disabled, according to them. Some women have even said that losing a breast to cancer is preferable than losing their hair.

In the instance of Taxotere-related hair loss, ladies explain why their irreversible alopecia is so distressing in their own words:

  • “When I lost my hair, I didn’t worry out since I was promised it would come back. I was all set for the adventure of finding out how things would turn out. I wasn’t expecting to spend the rest of my life looking like the ‘Crypt Keeper.’ It’s not simply that I’m bald; it’s a continual reminder that I have cancer.” — A Head of Our Time, a support organization for women suffering with chemo-induced alopecia
  • “Now that my cancer treatments are over, everyone expects me to go back to normal.” But I’m afraid I won’t be able to. I put on a brave front and seem as if everything is OK, but I’m a mess on the inside. It takes all of my confidence to step out the door every morning. I used to be a carefree and outgoing person. I’m distant and self-conscious right now. An invitation to a party causes anxiety, meeting new people causes anxiety, and a simple glimpse in the mirror may make me cry.” — Chemotherapy-induced alopecia sufferer from Arkansas
  • “They assured me that my hair will regrow. As a result of this, I will never be free of breast cancer. My life is not over, but it has altered dramatically.” – Taxotere was used to treat a lady in Oklahoma.
  • “During therapy, something had gone horribly wrong with my hair follicles.” What was meant to be a transient side effect turned out to be a permanent disfigurement in my life. That day, I left the clinic in complete denial and bereft of any sense of femininity.” — Taxotere user and cancer survivor from the United Kingdom

The fact that some patients were not offered a choice in the issue, despite the knowledge that cancer treatments with lower risks are available, makes things worse for patients struggling with lifelong hair loss following chemotherapy. Sanofi concedes that 3% of Taxotere patients may get irreversible baldness, but studies demonstrate that the incidence is substantially greater.


Taxotere, which is distributed in the United States, did not get alopecia warnings until 2015, approximately 20 years after it was first launched on the market.

It’s awful enough that you’re losing your hair. Hair loss without notice is inexcusable, let alone cause for legal action.

“I was told there was a chance of heart damage with [chemo medication] Herceptin, but I still opted to go forward with the therapy,” says a San Diego member of A Head of Our Time who received Herceptin and Taxotere for breast cancer treatment.

“The only difference is that it was MY choice.” It’s an attack and unforgivable when that option is taken away due to non-disclosure.”

What Are the Charges in Taxotere Lawsuits?

Sanofi is accused in the Taxotere litigation of:

  • Taxotere alopecia adverse effects were known, or should have been recognized, and sufficient cautions were given.
  • Taxotere was not thoroughly tested to establish its dangers.
  • Taxotere was designed, manufactured, and marketed by a company that was careless in its design, manufacturing, and marketing.
  • I sold a medicine that was hazardous, faulty, and intrinsically harmful.
  • It was their responsibility to design a product that was not too harmful when utilized as intended.
  • As a consequence of its actions and omissions, plaintiffs suffered irreversible alopecia.


What Damages Can a Taxotere Lawsuit Recover?

The following Taxotere-related damages may be compensated via a lawsuit:

  • Expenses for medical care, psychiatric counseling, and therapy
  • Earnings and earning potential are lost.
  • Disfigurement for life
  • Anguish in the mind
  • Emotional anguish
  • Life quality has deteriorated.

The amount of damages that may be recovered in a case is determined by the injury that a person has incurred as well as other particular factors.

Who Is Eligible for the Program?

You must meet the following criteria to file a Taxotere lawsuit:

  • As part of a chemotherapy protocol, I took the medication.
  • As a result of irreversible alopecia, which was detected by a doctor.
  • As a consequence of irreversible hair loss, suffered quantifiable losses.

Keep in mind that only an attorney can tell you whether you have grounds for a case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats happening with the Taxotere lawsuit?

A: Currently, the lawsuit is going through a lot of changes. The plaintiff, Sarepta Therapeutics originally filed for a preliminary injunction to force FDA approval of their drug that would allow them to sell it on the market before moving forward with clinical trials that were already in progress. However, this was denied by judge Jed Rakoff who said the court cannot render an order merely because there might be litigation.

When is the next Taxotere bellwether trial?

A: The Taxotere bellwether trial is scheduled to take place in the second quarter of 2021.

What does Taxotere do to your body?

A: Taxotere is a medication that commonly used to treat different types of cancer and it works by killing or slowing the growth of cells.

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