Six Flags Seeks Unlimited Pass Refunds

Six Flags is seeking unlimited refunds for its season pass holders. The company claims that it has been overcharging customers and wants to offer the passes at a lower price.

Six Flags Seeks Unlimited Pass Refunds is a company that offers season passes for various theme parks. The company has recently been forced to offer refunds due to the covid law.


In light of the coronavirus epidemic, a customer has filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Six Flags amusement park is not fulfilling its contracts with season ticket holders by restricting park entrance.

The pass holder claims that Six Flags should reimburse consumers who bought season tickets as a result of the park’s policy change.

Krystal Forbes filed the Six Flags COVID-19 ticket refund class action complaint on Sept. 28, 2019, claiming that she bought four season tickets for the 2020 park season on Sept. 28, 2019. She allegedly paid $393.80 for them online, believing that there would be no limits on how frequently she might use them.

Six Flags, on the other hand, has allegedly shuttered its parks to assist limit the spread of the coronavirus. She claims that the park is now preparing to reopen, with changes that will help limit the spread of the coronavirus in the future. Visitors must register to enter the park on specific days, among other limitations. According to reports, the park would limit the number of visitors each day. In addition, guests must enter the park wearing face masks.


She claims she has not received any communication from Six Flags about the new season ticket limitations. Instead, she just found out about the additional limitations on the amusement park’s website in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

According to Forbes, she found on the website that season ticket holders needed reservations to visit the park. These limitations, in her opinion, are incompatible with the prior conditions of the season tickets she bought. 

Season ticket holders were allegedly promised unlimited trips to the park in the past, but now they are allegedly required to restrict their visits since they must register in advance and may not be guaranteed a place at the park on the day they want to come.

1631371311_675_Six-Flags-Seeks-Unlimited-Pass-Refunds-Top-sFollowing that, the Six Flags coronavirus policy class action lawsuit criticizes the demand that all guests wear a mask.

Forbes describes it as inconvenient for both her family and other guests.


She mentions that her daughter suffers from asthma and is unable to wear a mask for an extended length of time. Her daughter’s ability to wear a mask is allegedly harmed by the heat.

In terms of the mask requirement in general, Forbes claims that requiring amusement park guests to wear masks is impractical since many of the park’s activities would cause the mask to fly off.

Otherwise, guests who wanted to eat or drink anything provided at the park would have to take off their masks.

According to Forbes, these safety precautions are so unrealistic that the park should have been shuttered for the rest of the season or until COVID-19 was no longer a danger. She goes on to say that ticket holders should have been given a refund at that point.

This, however, was not the case, according to reports. Forbes claims that she called the business and requested a refund, but that she was refused. She says that the business has consistently denied refunds to season ticket holders, despite the fact that the value of a season ticket has plummeted since COVID-19 began.


In an effort to profit from the COVID-19 epidemic, the Six Flags amusement park COVID-19 closures class action complaint claims that the business failed to completely shut the park and refused to provide refunds.

Customers’ money was allegedly stolen without the business delivering the service for which they paid – limitless trips to the park in a reasonable manner. According to Forbes, however, the limitations in place have made trips difficult, restricted, and impractical.

Six Flags’ reluctance to provide refunds is said to have left customers with little choice but to accept the bad bargain they’ve been given. Forbes is suing for redress on behalf of herself and all other similarly afflicted customers.

This isn’t the first time Six Flags has been hit with such allegations; other consumers have also asked for COVID-19 reimbursements.

Have you had any trouble obtaining reimbursements for coronavirus-related activities or services? Please share your stories in the comments section below. 

Amy L.B. Ginsburg of Kimmel & Silverman PC represents Forbes.

Krystal Forbes v. Six Flags Great Adventure LLC, et al., Case No. 1:20-cv-06873, in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, is the Six Flags Ticket Refund Class Action Lawsuit.

Six Flags has announced that it is seeking unlimited refunds for its customers. The company said it will refund all purchases made with a credit card, debit card or gift card in the last two years. Reference: six flags customer service.

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