Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter Side Effects Lawsuit Investigation

A lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturers of a popular IVC filter that is used to prevent blood clots in patients with deep vein thrombosis. The plaintiff alleges that the device caused permanent injuries and death.

The ivc filter settlement payout amounts 2020 is a lawsuit that has been filed against the manufacturers of IVC filters. The company, Bard, has agreed to settle for $4.2 billion in damages and will be releasing a new product called the Bard Filterless IVC Filter.

What Is an IVC Filter and How Does It Work?

Blood clots can’t travel from the legs or pelvis to the heart or lungs because of inferior vena cava filters. Lung clots may lead to severe consequences including trouble breathing, chest discomfort, heart attack, or pulmonary embolism.

The IVC filter traps blood clots, which stay in the device until the body dissolves them. Some IVC filters are intended to be temporarily implanted in the vena cava, while others are intended to be permanently implanted.

ALN Implants Chirurgicaux, Bard Peripheral Vascular, B Braun Medical, Boston Scientific, Cook Medical, Cordis, Rafael Medical Technologies, and Rex Medical are among the companies that make inferior vena cava filters.

IVC filters have been authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration for patients with the following conditions:

  • When anticoagulant treatment is contraindicated, pulmonary thromboembolism;
  • Anticoagulant treatment failure in the treatment of thromboembolic disorders;
  • When the expected advantages of standard therapy are decreased after a large pulmonary embolism, emergency treatment is used; and
  • Anticoagulant therapy has failed or is contraindicated in the case of chronic, recurrent pulmonary embolism.

Long-term use of IVC filters is discouraged by the FDA.

The US Food and Drug Administration published a safety alert in 2010 about IVC filters, stating that 921 adverse event reports had been received since 2005. IVC filter migration was reported in 328 cases, 146 cases of IVC filter component separation, 70 cases of inferior vena cava perforation, and 56 cases of IVC filter fracture, according to the agency.

Many of the IVC filter problems, according to the FDA, were caused by long-term usage of the device. The FDA emphasizes that inferior vena cava filters are only meant to be used as a temporary treatment for patients who are at risk of pulmonary embolism, and that they should be removed after the danger has passed. The FDA advises doctors to weigh the risks and advantages of removing an IVC filter for each patient individually.

The FDA updated its 2010 safety notice in May 2014, stating that it has produced a qualitative decision analysis that indicates that the IVC filter should be removed between 29 and 54 days after implantation after the patient’s danger of pulmonary embolism has gone.

You may have a legal claim if you or a loved one had IVC filter adverse effects such as migration, IVC perforation, DVT, or pulmonary embolism. Even if you were not harmed, you may have a legal claim. An IVC filter lawsuit may help you get money for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost income, and other expenses. For further information, please complete the form on this page. 

The ivc filter global settlement is a class action lawsuit that claims IVC filters are ineffective. The lawsuit also alleges that the manufacturers of IVC filters have been engaged in deceptive marketing practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average settlement for IVC filter?

The average settlement for IVC filter is $7,000.

What is going on with the IVC filter lawsuit?

The IVC filter lawsuit is a legal dispute between the company Intravenous Valve Corporation and the FDA. It has been going on since November of 2015.

What are the side effects of the IVC filter?

The side effects of the IVC filter are generally minor and include a temporary decrease in blood pressure, difficulty breathing, or dizziness.

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