Gotham Steel Says Everything Sticks To Non-Stick Pans

Gotham Steel believes in cooking like your great-grandma did, meaning no nonstick pans. Sure enough, its dishes come out of the pan just as easily and without any extra hassle. The company has recently started to take disputes about their products to court after customers claimed that their pots stuck or ovens leaked oil on them while they were plugged into an outlet.

Gotham Steel says that their pans are non-stick. Consumer Reports, however, has rated the pans as “average.”

Gotham-Steel-Says-Everything-Sticks-To-Non-Stick-Pans-TopDespite advertising to the contrary, a class action complaint alleges that E. Mishan & Sons Inc.’s Gotham Steel frying pans are not non-stick.

Carl Mack and Alec Gable both claim to have bought non-stick pans manufactured by the firm after seeing ads for them. 

Mack says he made his purchase based on the product box and television advertising, both of which advertised the product as non-stick.

The pan’s advertisements allegedly claimed that no butter or oil was needed.


Mack claims that he used the pans without any oil or butter, which is in line with the product’s advertising. However, after a month of Mack’s purchase, food reportedly started adhering “severely” to the pan, and he stopped using it.

In 2018, Gable claims to have bought two pans from the Gotham Steel website. He allegedly purchased the pans after seeing ads claiming that they were non-stick, similar to Mack.

Gable says that after two uses, he switched to butter and oil, but even butter and oil couldn’t keep the food from sticking. Gable allegedly got rid of the pans after roughly a month of usage because they were “frequently caked with black burn scars.”

According to the Gotham Steel non-stick pans class action complaint, Gable and Mack’s experiences are shared by many consumers, even though they followed the manufacturer’s instructions.

E. Mishan & Sons Inc. knew or should have known that the pans were not non-stick as advertised, according to the Gotham Steel non-stick pan false advertising class action lawsuit, which cites many consumer complaints regarding the problem.


E. Mishan & Sons Inc. is accused of violating the New York General Business Law, which forbids “deceptive actions or practices in the operation of any business, trade, or commerce, or in the provision of any service” in the state, as well as misleading advertising.

Customers claim that E. Mishan & Sons Inc.’s misrepresentations of the Gotham Steel pans caused them financial harm because if they had known the pans were not really non-stick, they would not have bought them or paid as much for them as they did.

The non-stick pan class action lawsuit seeks to hold the corporation responsible for, among other things, violation of express guarantee.

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Jason P. Sultzer, Joseph Lipari, and Adam Gonnelli of The Sultzer Law Group PC, as well as Bonner Walsh of Walsh PLLC, are representing Mack and Gable.


Carl Mack, et al. v. E. Gotham Steel Non-Stick Cooking Pans Class Action Lawsuit is Carl Mack, et al. v. E. Gotham Steel Non-Stick Cooking Pans Class Action Lawsuit is Carl Mack, et al. In the United States, Mishan & Sons Inc., Case No. 1:19-cv-08233, The Southern District of New York is a federal district court in the United States.

Gotham Steel is a company that claims to have developed a product that will stick to any non-stick pan. The product is said to be safe, but some people are worried about the possibility of cancer. Reference: does gotham steel cause cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is food sticking to my Gotham steel pan?

A: The issue is most likely with the steel pan. Gotham Steel Pans are not designed to be used on an induction stove, but rather in a gas or electric oven.

How do you keep Gotham steel pans from sticking?

A: Gotham steel pans have a thicker bottom, so they will not stick to the ground.

Why does my non-stick pan keep sticking?

A: This is because the food has not been heated enough to cause it to stick. You should cook more or less for a few minutes before continuing on with your recipe.

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