Ford Engine Problem Lawsuit

Ford has been at the center of a number of lawsuits and investigations since 2002, with some accusing them for knowingly selling defective engines. The automaker reached a settlement in their latest class action lawsuit this week after agreeing to pay out $13 million USD worth of compensation to those affected by Ford’s faulty engine warranty that led many customers into purchasing used cars rather than new ones.

In recent weeks, a number of Ford cars have been subject to an engine problem after being in for service. In response, the company has issued a recall and is suing three dealerships who sold them defective parts.

Ford is facing a lawsuit because of engine problems. The company has been accused of covering up the problem and not being upfront with customers about the issue.

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A Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Ford Because Of Engine Problems

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Ford-Engine-Problem-Lawsuit-Top-sSix customers have filed a class action complaint against Ford Motor Company, alleging that the company intentionally marketed cars with engine flaws that caused performance and safety problems, such as the Ford 150 and Lincoln Navigator. Ford allegedly knew about the claimed flaws from 2005 to 2012, but hid them to avoid paying their repair expenses under warranty, according to all six customers.

Ford knew for seven years that cars equipped with the 5.4L engine had design or manufacturing flaws that caused acceleration hesitation, loss of RPM, stalling, loss of power, or abrupt deceleration, according to the Ford engine class action complaint.

Plaintiffs claim an August 2008 technical service advisory to Ford dealers instructing them on how to fix the alleged engine problems as proof that Ford was aware of the alleged engine issues. The class action complaint claims that Ford decided not to notify car owners and the general public about the engine issues.

The Ford engine class action lawsuit claims that “despite defendant’s recognition in 2008 that many of its vehicles had engine problems, it actively concealed from the public, and the owners of this class of vehicles, the need to perform certain services and/or repairs to remedy these defective and potentially life-threatening conditions.”


The class action complaint adds, “Concealing these engine issues was organized to reduce and/or evade the defendant’s contractual obligation to the plaintiff class of owners.”

The Ford engine problem class action lawsuit is being filed on behalf of all current owners of any Ford passenger or light truck vehicle sold in the United States between 2004 and 2008 that has a 5.4L engine and includes the original Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Transmission Control Module (TCM), Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), and/or Throttle Body Assembly. Vehicles in this category must have been delivered within the last eight years and have less than 80,000 kilometers on them.

For alleged breach of express and implied warranty, common law fraud, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and violations of state consumer protection statutes, the plaintiffs are seeking out-of-pocket replacement/repair costs, diminution in value of the class vehicles attributable to the defects, damages, injunctive relief, and more.

Jason Schmidt et al. v. Ford Motor Co., Case No. 12-cv-07222, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, is the name of the Ford Engine Problem Class Action Lawsuit.

Anapol Schwartz’s Larry E. Coben, Sol H. Weiss, and Julie P. Thompson are representing the plaintiffs.



UPDATE: A federal court reduced the number of claims in the Ford Engine Defect Class Action Lawsuit on September 23, but refused to dismiss it altogether. The class action case is still ongoing. 

UPDATE 2: The lawsuit was settled on August 1, 2016, with a judgment in favor of Ford Motor Co.


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Ford is facing a class action lawsuit because of the engine problems that have been occurring. The plaintiff claims that Ford has not done enough to fix these issues, and that they are violating California’s consumer protection laws. Reference: ford class action lawsuit.

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How do I join a class action lawsuit against Ford?

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Is there a class action lawsuit against Ford Escape?

A: There is currently no lawsuit against Ford Escape.

How do I file a Ford buyback claim?

A: You should visit the local dealership in person with your claim.

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