Dove Says ‘Invisible’ Dry Spray Leaves White Marks

Dove has been accused of leaving white marks on people’s skin after using their new product. The company released a statement saying they are “deeply sorry” for any inconvenience this may have caused, but that the spray would not damage clothing or leave residue.

Dove Invisible Dry Spray leaves white marks. This is a common complaint for the product, but it does not seem to be enough to convince consumers to stop buying this product.

Dove-Says-039Invisible039-Dry-Spray-Leaves-White-Marks-TopA consumer has launched a class action lawsuit alleging that Dove’s “Invisible” antiperspirant sprays, contrary to advertising, leave white markings. 

Carla Been filed the Dove invisible dry spray class action complaint, claiming that Unilever has financially harmed consumers as a result of the deception, since if buyers had realized that the product would really leave white traces, they would not have bought it or paid less for it.

Dove produces an original brand of antiperspirant spray that is not labeled as invisible, according to the Dove spray class action complaint. According to reports, the original line and the “Invisible” line are the same product.

The active component in both brands of antiperspirants is aluminum chlorohydrate, and the chemical is present in the same concentration in both formulations, according to Been.


Aluminum chlorohydrate, according to the Dove class action, is the component that produces white markings. Despite Unilever’s claims that the product is “proved to leave no white traces on 100 colors of clothes,” she claimed that basic testing showed that it created white spots on garments.

While the Invisible product lines “might cause less white marks than the ‘normal’ non-‘Invisible’ ‘dryspray’ antiperspirant spray and/or other antiperspirants on the market,” the plaintiff claims, “it is irrefutable that the Product will inevitably lead and contribute to more white marks on clothing.”

Unilever knew or should have known that the Invisible line of dry sprays left white markings on clothes, according to the Dove invisible dry spray class action complaint. The business allegedly misrepresented the goods in order to get consumers to buy them.

Dove understood that consumers would gravitate toward deodorants and antiperspirants that did not leave white markings, according to the Dove deodorant class action complaint, and they exploited this preference for profit.

Been is looking to represent a group of consumers that bought Dove Invisible Dry Spray products throughout the country. In addition to or instead of her planned national Class, she wants to represent a class of Missouri consumers who bought the same thing.


After using Dove Invisible Dry Spray, did you see any white markings on your clothes? Please tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

The Dove class action case was just transferred to federal court from state court.

Harvath Law Group LLC’s Daniel F. Harvath represents Been.

Carla Been v. Conopco Inc. d/b/a Unilever, Case No. 4:19-cv-02704, is the Dove Dry Spay White Mark Class Action Lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.


Dove has been accused of leaving white marks on dark fabrics. The company has released a statement saying that their dry spray leaves no residue and is safe to use. Reference: dove invisible dry spray scents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dove Dry Spray leave white marks?


Does spray on deodorant leave white marks?

Spray deodorant typically leaves a white residue on clothing, but it will eventually come out.

Is Dove Dry Spray clear?

Yes, Dove Dry Spray is clear.

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