Does Molekule Work?

Molekule is a new company that claims to have created a breakthrough technology for air pollution. The company has been in the media spotlight recently, with some experts saying its technology could be revolutionary.

The is molekule worth it reddit is a question that has been asked before. There are mixed reviews on the product and whether or not it works as advertised.


The National Advertising Division is a division of BBB National Programs, not the Better Business Bureau, as stated in the original article.

On its website, Molekule makes numerous claims about the effectiveness of their air filtration devices, including that it “destroys the broadest spectrum of pollutants,” is “proven by science,” and is “unique.” Their air purifiers may be unique, but not in the manner that customers would expect, according to Wirecutter. Molekule was dubbed “the worst air purifier we’ve ever tested” by a prominent technology review site during their investigation of the gadget.

So, how effective is Molekule? According to product testing reports, yes.

Molekule is made in the United States.

Molekule’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Molekule goods, however, are produced in a number of locations across the world, according to the company’s website. The company’s production divisions are located in the United States, Malaysia, and China, respectively.


Is Molekule Effective?

So, how does Molekule function? Molekule’s Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology is what distinguishes their goods, according to the company. Free radicals are said to be used by PECO to “break down contaminants at a molecular level.”

Molekule first takes in the air in the room “from every aspect.” The air is then cycled through a pre-filter, which is designed to eliminate bigger allergens and delay the passage of other pollutants to the PECO filter. The final stage, which Molekule calls “purification at its finest,” includes breaking down contaminants using a nanoparticle-coated filter. Finally, Molekule emits “harmless molecules” into the atmosphere.

There are a number of reasons to believe that this purifying procedure is ineffective. Molekule has been reviewed by Consumer Reports and Wirecutter, with both publications claiming that the air purifier did not work as well as they had anticipated.

Dyson, a rival of Molekule, has filed objections to 26 claims made by Molekule about its filters. All 26 objections were sustained by the National Advertising Part (NAD), a division of BBB National Programs, and Molekule was compelled to remove the statements. This broad retraction, according to Wirecutter, “makes it difficult to take any of Molekule’s assertions seriously.”

Which is Better: Molekule or HEPA?

HEPA is an air purifier classification that stands for high-efficiency particulate air. While conventional air purifiers remove dust, pollen, mildew, and pet dander, HEPA filters go one step further by removing germs and viruses from the air.


Is Molekule a superior alternative to a HEPA filter? Molekule says that their PECO technology enables them to “destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than the requirement filters must satisfy to qualify as HEPA,” and that their filters are the “only technology that eliminates a wide spectrum of pollutants, independent of size.” These assertions are presently being challenged.

NAD suggested numerous modifications to the wording Molekule uses to advertise its purifiers after reviewing the company’s claims. NAD, in particular, wants Molekule to remove any claims that their products are better than HEPA filters.

Molekule never conducted any testing to compare their purifier’s effectiveness to “even a single HEPA air purifier,” thus they can’t claim that their filters are superior, according to NAD. NAD analyzes the challenger’s evidence and does further study before making their recommendations.

Consumer Reports Testing on Molekule

Consumer Reports has put a broad variety of goods through their paces, including at least 48 air purifiers. Consumer Reports conducts a battery of conventional air purifier tests to evaluate these purifiers.

The purifiers are put in a sealed chamber, which is then injected with particles ranging in size from 1 micron to.1 micron. Dust mite allergens, pollution, smoking, cat allergies, and dust are all included in this category. The air is analyzed before and after a 15-minute run of the purifier. Purifiers are put through their paces to see how effective they are in various situations.


What Were the Results of the Molekule Air Purifier Performance Tests?

Consumer Reports discovered that the Molekule purifier’s efficiency varies from Fair to Poor (the lowest grade) depending on what is being tested. The Molekule received a Fair grade on its maximum speed and a Poor rating on its lowest speed when tested for smoke and dust removal.

The Molekule claims to be able to purify the air in rooms up to 600 square feet, however Consumer Reports discovered that it couldn’t filter the air in any area bigger than 100 square feet. Molekule was also on the upper end of the pricing spectrum: the Molekule Air costs $800, and Consumer Reports predicts that filters and energy input will cost an extra $180 per year.

The main lesson from Consumer Reports’ research seems to be that, although the Molekule is efficient at removing tiny particles from the air, it is ineffective at catching big particles.

Is it Possible to Sue for False Advertising?

Molekule has made a number of claims about its gadgets that have subsequently been retracted. This implies that some customers are likely to have bought the gadgets based on statements that have subsequently been shown to be false. Molekule may face false advertising lawsuits as a result of these statements.

According to recent statements made by Molekule’s Chief Scientist, the device “will destroy Coronavirus.” However, according to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this claim may be misleading, as the primary cause of COVID-19 spread is person-to-person contact, not the air. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued warning letters to 250 businesses since the epidemic started for making false or misleading statements about the new coronavirus, but Molekule has yet to get one, according to FTC records.

If you bought a Molekule air purifier with the expectation that it will remove pollutants and pathogens from the air as well as, if not better than, a HEPA filter, you may be entitled to join a class action lawsuit.

The molekule air purifier covid is a product that claims to remove all harmful particles from the air. It has been around for a while and there are mixed reviews about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Molekule really work?

I am not a scientist.

Does Molekule work as advertised?

Yes, Molekule does work as advertised.

Does Molekule remove dust?


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