Do You Qualify: Glen Mills Schools Abuse Lawsuit Claim Review

The Glen Mills School District in Pennsylvania has been accused of illegally targeting a group of students who were identified as being from minority backgrounds. This case is currently ongoing, and the school district has been ordered to pay $4.1 million in damages to the plaintiffs.

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What is Glen Mills School all about?

The Glen Mills Schools, a privately operated nonprofit juvenile detention institution near Glen Mills in Thornbury Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, is the country’s oldest such facility.

According to the school website, boys between the ages of 12 and 21 are sent to the center, which is intended to provide a “customized, world-class education” with a “history of excellence since 1826.”

According to the school’s now-defunct website, the Philadelphia House of Refuge was established in 1826 with the aim of “continuously [providing] assistance to disturbed children.”

According to an increasing number of men and boys who are former students of the institution who are now coming out, the school has had another, darker history for decades: the regular abuse of its pupils.

What is the purpose of the Glen Mills Abuse Investigation?

The Philadelphia Inquirer released a story in February 2019 regarding children at the Glen Mills Schools (dubbed “the Harvard of reform schools”) who had suffered decades of abuse at the hands of the school’s own staff.

This resulted in the Glen Mills School controversy, as well as increased state scrutiny and license revocation. In addition, the institution is facing a flurry of lawsuits as well as a state auditor’s audit.

The team of auditors looked at the period from July 1, 2017 to March 11, 2020. Notably, this represents just a tiny part of the school’s history, as well as a small portion of the time during which students have reported abuse. Three main results are included in the report:

  • Glen Mills failed to acquire appropriate clearances for its employees, contractors, and volunteers in certain cases.
  • The school failed to guarantee that some personnel who came into touch with children were properly trained in child abuse prevention and reporting.
  • Students had options for reporting abuse, but they may not have been properly conveyed.

Auditors discovered that some workers did not have appropriate background checks, and that other employees had background checks that indicated crimes but the school retained them on nonetheless, without the necessary justification papers, as detailed in the report.

Furthermore, the audit offers 35 suggestions for school improvement, which school administration has committed to follow, according to the report. While Glen Mills has apparently started to address several of the problems raised in the study, the school has disputed some of the conclusions, claiming that insufficient background checks did not prove that children were placed in danger. The auditor responded by stating that even a single insufficient screening may raise the danger of damage to children.

How many cases of school abuse have been reported in Glen Mills?

Hundreds of former Glen Mills children have claimed to have been abused by teachers, counselors, and other staff members.

Abuse allegations include anything from shattered bones to choke to sexual assault. Many of these allegations have resulted in lawsuits.

Glen Mills Schools “have for a long period of time assaulted, mistreated, and otherwise abused children and young adults who were committed to that facility as a result of adjudications in juvenile courts, or who were otherwise at risk and placed there for treatment and educational purposes,” according to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Pennsylvania. School abuse “has happened on a regular and systematic basis,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that the School has “shown a reckless disregard and deliberate indifference to the widespread violations of [Plaintiffs’] rights, despite being aware for decades of the conduct, including physical assaults and abuse, and the corresponding lack of protection for Plaintiffs and the children residing at the School,” according to the lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Other cases mirror the “culture of violence” and accusations of abuse at Glen Mills School, and students and alumni are testifying in the hope of finding justice.

The Glen Mills School Scandal: Was the Abuse Covered Up?

According to an increasing number of allegations, the Glen Mills School deliberately covered up student mistreatment for years.

“Serious violence is both a daily occurrence and an open secret at Glen Mills, and has been for decades,” according to a February 2019 Philadelphia Inquirer article.

Internal papers, court records, incident reports, and hundreds of interviews with kids, employees, and others show that the school’s administration failed to adequately screen or train the school counselors, according to the Inquirer.

Another concerning commonality among cases of abuse is that when families tried to report, school officials would use the school’s reputation against them, threatening that if students complained, they would be transferred to a state-run facility “with boys who are mentally ill or have committed sex offenses,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Staff members allegedly intimidated youngsters with harsher sentences or concealed them until the proof of abuse (bruises, etc.) vanished.

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What Are Abuse’s Long-Term Consequences?

Abuse in childhood may have a variety of long-term physical and psychological consequences.

Physical abuse may cause long-term issues including diabetes, lung illness, starvation, high blood pressure, brain damage, and more, in addition to the original injuries.

Poor mental and emotional health, difficulties with bonding and social skills, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are only a few of the long-term psychological effects.

Have any lawsuits been filed against Glen Mills School?

Hundreds of former students have filed lawsuits against the institution so far, alleging rape, physical abuse, and cover-ups. Indeed, over 800 men and boys have already filed individual and class action lawsuits against Glen Mills for alleged abuse that happened during their stay there.

According to reports, Glen Mills is attempting to move on from its harsh history. According to the Philadelphia Tribune, its new executive director, Christopher Spriggs, said he planned to revive the school with a “pilot program” of little more than 20 pupils. Others believe the Glen Mills Schools will never be rehabilitated.

In early July 2021, the school’s website was being rebuilt, however as of August 2021, both the website and the school’s Facebook page had been taken down.

What Kinds of Losses Can You Recover in a Glen Mills School Lawsuit?

Victims of abuse at Glen Mills may sue for a variety of damages, including physical, emotional, and mental harm. Unfortunately, the consequences of child abuse may endure for years, if not a lifetime. Survivors are entitled to compensation as well as recognition of their suffering. Lawsuits have been brought against Glen Mills School for constitutional breaches, carelessness, and infliction of mental distress, among other things.

Should You File a Lawsuit Against Glen Mills School Abuse?

Glen Mills Schools is facing a lawsuit claiming that they are not following the law in their treatment of students. This claim is being reviewed by our firm to see if it qualifies for legal action. Reference: gow school lawsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a type of legal proceeding in which one or more people sue on behalf of themselves and others who have been similarly harmed.

How much is Glen Mills lawsuit worth?

The Glen Mills lawsuit is worth $1.2 million and it has been going on for 18 years.

Can I get money from a class action lawsuit?

No, you cannot get money from a class action lawsuit.

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