Do You Qualify: Colorado Priest Abuse, Other Sex Abuse Lawsuit Investigation

A Colorado priest has been accused of sexual abuse and the Archdiocese of Denver is now investigating. This case, however, is not unique- there are many other cases where priests have been accused of sexual abuse. What makes this case so interesting is that it’s a civil suit, not a criminal one. The plaintiff in this case argues that the church should be held responsible for its actions and should be forced to pay damages.

The list of priests accused of abuse albany diocese is a list that includes the names of priests who have been accused of sexual abuse in the Albany Diocese.

Who is Affected by Sexual Abuse in Colorado?


Colorado recently approved a legislation giving some sex assault victims a three-year opportunity to sue organizations that recruited offenders as employees or volunteers. 

As a consequence, those who were molested as children by someone connected with an institution or organization who were previously prohibited from suing due to the sex abuse statute of limitations having expired may now have a chance to sue those responsible.

It’s possible that the institutions who hired the abusers were complicit in the cover-up.

Do You Meet the Requirements?

You may be able to bring a sex abuse case against the institution that was responsible if you were a victim of sexual abuse by someone affiliated with an institution in Colorado from 1960 to the present.

The following Colorado institutions may be of interest:


  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Organizations for young people
  • Organizations involved in sports
  • Other youth-serving organizations

Now is the time to submit your information for a free case assessment by a sexual assault attorney.

What Is Colorado’s New Child Sexual Abuse Survivor Law?

Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed SB21-088 into law in Denver on July 6, 2021. The Colorado legislation strengthens the rights of survivors of child sex assaults committed by those connected to institutions that failed to halt the abuse. 

Survivors will be able to file legal claims and bring their sexual assault cases against institutions, governmental bodies, and other youth-serving groups that allegedly hid or failed to prevent sexual abuse by their employees and/or volunteers.

This new childhood sexual abuse legislation will go into effect in January 2022, and it will apply to anyone who were sexually abused in institutions between 1960 and 2022. Private awards to sexual assault survivors will be limited at $1 million, while government awards will be capped at $387,000.

Survivors have just six years after turning 18 to sue their abusers under the old legislation. Retroactive claims were not allowed under the legislation. 


The new Colorado sex abuse legislation gives child sex abuse survivors a three-year window to bring a lawsuit against an institution if the statue of limitations has past.

They now have until January 2025 to sue institutions for sexual assault allegations made between 1960 and 2022 by an employee or volunteer.

Minors who were sexually molested will now be allowed to sue organizations that covered up the abuse.

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s director of public relations, Raana Simmons, stated, “Our civil legal system is the only one intended to give victims with the financial tools they need to recover from emotional, physical, and mental trauma.” 

“Through this law, survivors of childhood sexual abuse will have access to the civil legal system and will be able to hold institutions responsible who were, at best, complicit in the abuse and, at worst, participated in shielding serial sex offenders from accountability.”


Submit your information today for a free case evaluation if you are a victim of institutional sexual assault in Colorado.

What Does the Sex Abuse Law in Colorado Mean for Survivors?

Even if the assault happened decades ago, survivors of childhood sexual abuse committed by staff or volunteers of institutions and organizations may now bring civil claims. This covers individuals who have been sexually assaulted by Catholic priests. 

Previously, survivors had just six years from the time they reached 18 to file a civil case alleging abuse. 

Survivors of childhood sexual assault sometimes take a long time to come forward with their claims of abuse. Unfortunately, the Colorado sex abuse statute of limitations may have already expired by the time they are ready to file a lawsuit and seek financial help for psychiatric treatment. 

Survivors of sexual abuse will be able to bring a civil sexual abuse case against institutions that either hid the abuse or refused to take measures to stop it under the new Colorado legislation.

They may be able to collect a large sum of money to cover medical bills, counseling fees, mental anguish, and other damages resulting from the sexual assault.

Churches, schools, sports groups, and other youth-serving organizations may now be held liable for abuse that took place decades ago.

Some of these organizations are accused of covering up sexual assault committed by staff and/or volunteers while remaining unpunished.

The Catholic Church, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Boy Scouts of America, USA Swimming, the YMCA, and other institutions and organizations have previously faced significant accusations of child sexual abuse of children engaged in their activities.

Whether you’ve been the victim of sex abuse committed by a member of a Colorado-based organization, fill out the form below to see if you’re eligible for legal action.

Report on Clergy Abuse in Colorado

Investigators issued a report in 2019 detailing the abuse instances of 166 children in the Colorado Catholic church by 43 abusive priests across three dioceses. In Colorado, there are three Catholic dioceses: 

  • Denver Archdiocese
  • Diocese of Colorado Springs
  • Diocese of Pueblo

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser ordered the inquiry, which was led by former US Attorney Bob Troyer. The study, however, was severely panned since it included a significant quantity of material supplied by the Roman Catholic Church. The church was also unable to offer convincing proof that a clergy member was no longer abusing children.

According to the Denver Post, a supplementary study published by the Colorado attorney general’s office found nine more diocesan priests and 46 more children who were victims of child sexual abuse.

Father Charles Woodrich, commonly known as Father Woody, was one of the priests mentioned in the reports. He was regarded as Denver’s “patron saint of the destitute” after founding a homeless shelter.

Father Joseph Walsh, Father James Moreno, Father Kenneth Funk, Daniel Kelleher, and Gregory Smith are among the priests mentioned in the report. 

Investigate a Colorado Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

It is not too late to file a lawsuit if you have been the victim of sexual assault in Colorado by someone connected to an institution or organization. The length of time available to bring a sexual abuse case, on the other hand, may be restricted.

Fill out the form on this page to get a free case evaluation from a sexual assault attorney and learn how you may hold the institution responsible for the abuse and seek compensation for mental anguish, therapy expenses, and other damages.


The database of nuns accused of abuse is a database that was created by the Colorado Catholic Conference. It contains information on all priests who have been accused of sexual abuse in the state of Colorado from 1950 to present day.

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