Do You Qualify: Auto Accident Diminished Value Claims Lawsuit Investigation

The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the defendant, claiming that the accident caused damage to their vehicle. The defendant’s insurance company denied the claim because they felt the damages were too minor to warrant compensation.

The car accident diminished value calculator is a tool that can be used to calculate the amount of money that an individual might receive in a lawsuit.

Overview of the Washington State Diminished Value Lawsuit

Plaintiffs in a class action complaint alleging that Allstate neglected to pay reduced value damages to Washington policyholders recently reached a $10 million settlement with the insurance company.

“Plaintiffs allege that when certain automobiles, those within the proposed class, sustain structural system and body damage, they cannot be repaired to their pre-accident condition, and as a result, they are tangibly different than they were pre-accident,” according to the complaint filed in federal court in Washington. “As a result, the cars lose value at the moment of the collision, which is known as reduced value.”

According to the Law360 report, Allstate also broke the provisions of its own policy by insisting on eliminating reduced value claims for uninsured drivers when there was no such restriction.

Allstate agreed to pay $10 million to resolve the class action case after five years in court. Over 14,000 reduced value claims will be covered under the provisions of the agreement, with an average payout of $500 per car.

Allstate isn’t the only big insurer that hasn’t paid up on reduced value claims. However, a nationwide litigation probe of insurance firms is now underway.

State Laws and Diminished Value Claims?

Most states, according to The Simple Dollar, enable policyholders to make claims for reduced value. However, according to an article in The Simple Dollar, policyholders should not anticipate assistance from their insurance providers in filing these claims.

According to, these claims are difficult to establish from the start since, although most states allow them, no regulations specifically address reduced value claims. Instead, policyholders must depend on case law, which refers to cases that have previously been brought and decided on similar claims.

According to, Georgia and North Carolina are the states that are most friendly to policyholders who file claims for reduced value. Furthermore, in a collision involving an uninsured motorist, more than half of all states allow for reduced value claims. However, Penny Gusner, a consumer analyst at the magazine, cautions that “just because state law permits a reduced value claim doesn’t mean insurers are obliged to pay it.”

According to insurance experts, persuading an insurance company to pay a claim for reduced value is challenging, therefore customers should try to submit the claim early in the process and consider getting a diminished value assessment to back up their claims.

What Have Customers Thought About Other Claims of Diminished Value?

Allstate isn’t the only big insurer that has been accused of wrongfully denying reduced value claims. According to ABC7NY, a woman’s claim for reduced value was examined after her vehicle was sideswiped by a Progressive policyholder.

While Progressive compensated for the damage to the automobile, the owner informed reporters that the resale value of her vehicle had dropped by almost $4,000 just because the accident would be on the vehicle’s records. She claims she was originally informed by Progressive that they did not pay for cars that had depreciated in value.

The lady persevered, receiving a letter from a dealer detailing the loss, but claims Progressive told her she needed more paperwork. According to reports, the insurance company failed to clarify what kind of paperwork she required.

Her Progressive agent allegedly informed her that he wouldn’t tell her what paperwork he’d need to process the reduced value claim, instead telling her that she’d have to figure it out on her own.

“Insurance companies enjoy collecting premiums and detest paying claims,” one legal expert told ABC7NY, adding that vehicle owners may win cases worth thousands of dollars if they can provide the necessary proof.

According to, car owners should begin by checking the Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds valuations of their automobiles. Furthermore, owners may request a trade-in letter from a dealer to account for the vehicle’s reduced value as a result of the accident and/or repair.

A decreased value assessment, according to ABC7NY, is another kind of evidence. An expert conducts a reduced value assessment and may offer a report to back such a claim.

According to ABC7NY, a reduced value assessment may cost up to $400, but it can result in thousands of dollars in an insurance claim.

The diminished value claim maryland is a lawsuit that has been filed against the insurance company for not paying out on an auto accident claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prove diminished value after an accident?

A diminished value is a reduction in the market value of an asset. This can be caused by a number of different factors, such as damage to property or loss of use due to accident.

Is a diminished value claim worth it?

Depends on the situation. If you dont want to pay more than what your house is worth, then there is no point in filing a diminished value claim.

How long does it take to settle a diminished value claim?

It typically takes a few weeks to a month.

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