Chrysler Lawsuit Says UConnect Infotainment System Is Defective

The plaintiff argues that he purchased a 2016 Chrysler 200 and after the first year, Uconnect started to experience frequent crashes. The car maker denied liability in response but has agreed to a settlement of $5 million without admitting fault

A jury ruled in favor of Chrysler after an accident involving a UConnect infotainment system that was not properly working. The jury awarded $253,000 to the plaintiff’s family following the death of their father when his vehicle crashed into another car.

The “uconnect 8.4 recall” is a lawsuit that has been filed by Chrysler against the company UConnect, which is responsible for the infotainment system in Chrysler vehicles. The lawsuit claims that the software of this system is defective and causes issues with the car’s engine, transmission, and other functions.


The UConnect infotainment systems in the 2017-2019 Pacifica and other cars, according to a class action complaint, may freeze and cease functioning, presenting a variety of safety risks to drivers and others.

Edward Pistorio and Paul Murdock filed the Chrysler UConnect defect class action complaint on behalf of drivers who claim that the UConnect infotainment systems in their cars do not perform as advertised by the vehicle manufacturer, FCA.

They claim to have had issues such as screen freezing, loss of backup camera, unintentional reboots, navigation system capability loss, and more.

These problems allegedly plagued earlier generations of UConnect, but the manufacturer did not address them enough by the time the 2017-2019 Pacifica and Chrysler 300 hit the market.


In their Chrysler infotainment issues class action complaint, Pistorio and Murdock explain why they decided to buy their cars and the troubles they had with one of the vehicle’s major features, the UConnect infotainment system.

According to Pistorio, he bought a new 2017 Chrysler 300S in his native state of Florida. Murdock, a Pennsylvania resident, claims to have bought a new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica from a Pennsylvania dealer. When it came to buying choices, both drivers said they valued safety and dependability.

They describe how they did internet research, browsed dealership websites, and test drove cars to acquire a solid feel of the features, safety, and functioning of the vehicle they wanted to buy. Neither of them was allegedly informed of a flaw in the UConnect system, instead being assured of its dependability and extensive usefulness.

According to the clients, FCA was aware of the system flaw and should have informed them of it. They claim that if they had known about the flaw in the UConnect systems, they would not have bought or paid as much for their cars.

Pistorio and Murdock went on to say that the UConnect technology in their cars started to fail only a few months after they bought them. They say that the system’s screen would often go dark and reboot. This was said to happen at least once a week, and occasionally several times during a single trip. 


The backup camera, navigation, and other key functions would reportedly be disabled if the screen went dark. Other aspects of the system, including as GPS, Bluetooth, and audio system capabilities, were also impacted, according to the drivers.

According to the drivers, this issue presented a safety concern since it may impair a driver’s ability to steer, navigate correctly, and safely arrive at a location. According to Pistorio and Murdock, the absence of functioning may cause drivers to become distracted, placing them and others at danger of a collision.

1631371844_838_Chrysler-Lawsuit-Says-UConnect-Infotainment-System-Is-Defective-TopAccording to the Chrysler infotainment system class action complaint, Chrysler has failed to offer adequate repairs or compensation for the problem at hand.

According to reports, the firm initially deployed the UConnect system in 2004, and drivers started encountering issues shortly after the first version of the system was released.

Consumer complaints and technical bulletins are said to have documented the problems, leading to a recall of older version UConnect devices.


According to Pistorio and Murdock, the difficulties continue despite the recall and the company’s claimed awareness of the concerns. 

According to the FCA class action complaint, the corporation hides the UConnect defect issue from customers on a regular basis, sometimes by telling them that their car is in good working order when they bring it in for service. In other cases, the business is said to make repairs to the mask but not to the issue.

Furthermore, the issue is allegedly not always covered under warranty – the Chrysler infotainment problem class action complaint claims that it should be, but consumers are often forced to pay for repairs out of pocket.

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Pistorio and Murdock are represented by The Miller Law Firm PC’s E. Powell Miller, Sharon S. Almonrode, Emily E. Hughes, Dennis A. Lienhardt, and William Kalas; Berger Montague PC’s Laurence Deutsch and Jeffrey L. Osterwise; Capsone Law APC’s Steven R. Weinmann, Tarek H. Zohdy, Cody R. Padgett, and Trisha K. Monesi; and

Edward Pistorio, et al. v. FCA US LLC, Case No. 2:20-cv-11838, is a Chrysler UConnect Infotainment System Defect Class Action Lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

The “chrysler uconnect problems” is a lawsuit that has been filed by Chrysler. The lawsuit claims that the UConnect infotainment system is defective and should be recalled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a recall on Uconnect?

A: There is currently no recall on Uconnect, but there are other concerns that you can find out more about by visiting the following website.

What is wrong with Uconnect?

A: Uconnect is a software system that comes with your car. Its the voice recognition and interface for your vehicle. The connected services are not working properly due to an update or glitch in their servers so there may be intermittent loss of functionality until it all gets fixed.

What to do if Uconnect is not working?

A: If the Uconnect system is not working, please contact a dealer or service center.

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