Bone Cement Lawsuit – HVC Implantation Syndrome Lawyers

A large class-action lawsuit involving the use of a faulty medical device, Harley Davidson motorcycles and implants. The “bone cement implantation syndrome” is a condition that occurs when the bone around an implanted medical device is compromised. The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that the manufacturer of the implant, HVC, was negligent and failed to … Read more

Florida Lemon Lawyers – Breach of Warranty Lawsuits

The Law Office of Brett Blau filed a lawsuit against Florida lemon lawyers on behalf of three individual consumers and two groups who were injured by defective stores that failed to perform services. The “florida lemon law statute” is a law that protects consumers from purchasing defective products. (As of January 24, 2018) Consumers may … Read more

Breach of Warranty Lawyers | Lemon Law Settlements

Lemon Law Settlements are granted after a faulty or defective product is used for personal use and leads to the consumer experiencing damages. In recent years, Lemon Law settlements have been on the rise as more consumers take legal action against manufacturers of goods that did not live up to their expectations. The “average lemon … Read more

Breast Implant Cancer Symptoms |

Breast implant cancer is a rare form of breast cancer that begins in or around the saline-filled pockets created by silicone gel implants. Women who have undergone breast augmentation may be at risk for developing this type of cancer, so it’s important to learn about the symptoms and what you can do if you think … Read more