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A California jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff, awarding her $127.5 million for breast implant-related cancer and other injuries she suffered as a result of use of silicone gel implants manufactured by Dow Corning Corp.’s DOW
Corning Silicones unit. This could be good news for thousands more women who have been told that they are developing or have developed breast implants-related cancers because their silica gel was contaminated with asbestos fibers from an Oldsmobile engine produced between 1946 to 1978 which contained tiny particles called tremolite asbestos – now known as chrysotile asbestos, according to federal documents released on April 25th 2016.,

A recent lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturers of breast implants. The lawsuits are in response to a number of health issues that have been associated with these implants. Some of which include cancer, autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia.

Breast Implant Cancer   Lawsuit |

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare type of non-lymphoma, Hodgkin’s may be more common in women who have textured breast implants.

The FDA has received 359 cases of breast implant-related ALCL, including nine fatalities, to far.

ALCL Risk Confirmed by FDA

The FDA issued the first warning regarding the elevated risk of ALCL in women who had breast implants in 2011.

The FDA upgraded its warning in March of 2017 after receiving enough verified cases to establish a relationship between breast implants and a rare type of lymphoma. The FDA defined the condition as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, based on the World Health Organization’s classification (BIA-ALCL).

The FDA has received 359 complaints of ALCL caused by breast implants as of February 1, 2017, including nine fatalities. There have been injuries and fatalities recorded all around the globe, notably in Australia, where 46 cases and three deaths have been documented.

The FDA said, “All of the evidence to date shows that women with breast implants have a very low but increased risk of developing anaplastic large cell lymphoma compared to women who do not have breast implants.”

[read more href=”” thumb=”/sites/default/files/wp-thumbnails/2017/03/BreastImplants Blog 720×405-1.jpg”] [read more href=”” Breast implants have been linked to a rare kind of lymphoma. [/readmore]

Textured implants are the most dangerous.

ALCL is 67.6 times more prevalent in women who have textured breast implants.

It seems that the material of the implants has little bearing on whether or not a patient develops ALCL. The substance was reported in 312 instances, 186 of which were silicone gel-filled and 126 of which were saline-filled.

All implants have a silicone coating on the outside. It’s possible to make this layer textured or smooth.

ALCL seems to be significantly more common in women who have implants with textured outer layers. Only 28 of the 231 reports that contained information on the breast implant covering were smooth, whereas 203 were textured.

Researchers are currently attempting to figure out why patients respond to the textured outer layer differently. Doctors have found that tissue grows within the grooves of textured implants, as opposed to smooth implants, which move about much more readily, which might be a factor.

Those who have textured breast implants are 67.6 times more likely to develop ALCL than women who do not undergo breast augmentation surgery.

Symptoms of ALCL

BIA-ALCL is frequently identified in the scar tissue around breast implants, according to the FDA. Chronic inflammation surrounding the implants is thought to be the cause of the condition.

It takes an average of ten years from breast augmentation surgery to an ALCL diagnosis.

If you have breast augmentation surgery and are experiencing the following symptoms around one or both breasts, you should see a doctor:

  • Pain
  • Lumps
  • an accumulation of fluid
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Hardening or the formation of a bulk

The malignancy is usually eradicated by removing the implant and surrounding tissue. Patients may need chemotherapy and radiation following surgery in certain instances.

Manufacturers of Breast Implants

Breast implants are currently produced by just a few companies. ALCL diagnosis are not presently linked to a specific brand.

The following manufacturers’ implant models have been authorized by the FDA: 

  • Allergan 
  • Mentor Worldwide LLC is a company based in the United States (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson)
  • Sientra 
  • Ideal Implant Incorporated is a company that specializes in surgical implants.

Silicone Implants are banned for 14 years by the FDA.

Silicone breast implants were placed in the highest-risk category for medical devices by the FDA in 1988.

This isn’t the first time that breast augmentation has been linked to serious adverse effects.

Silicone breast implants were placed in the highest-risk category for medical devices, Class III, by the FDA in 1988. According to a study conducted by the FDA, 69 percent of women who had silicone-gel implants ruptured, necessitating further surgery.

Women sued the producers, claiming the implants leaked and caused cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Dow Corning Corp. was one of the main breast implant producers at the time. The corporation was sued by 19,000 women, forcing it to declare bankruptcy after paying a $3.2 billion settlement.

Silicone implant manufacturers were requested by the FDA to furnish safety data. In 1992, the FDA established a federal moratorium on the use of silicone implants in cosmetic surgery due to a failure to do so. “Inadequate information to indicate that breast implants were safe and effective,” they said.

The FDA didn’t remove the 14-year prohibition until 2006. They do, however, recognise the dangers of silicone implants.

“Women having these operations done need to be prepared with the reality that there is a possibility they may need further surgery,” said Dr. Daniel G. Schultz, former head of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, in an essay for The New York Times.

Allegations in a Breast Implant Lawsuit

Breast implant lawsuits often include one or more of the following allegations:

  • Design flaws and potential risk
  • Negligence
  • Failure to alert patients and doctors about the dangers
  • causing damage to the sufferer

What Can a Lawsuit Do for You?

If you have had problems with a medical gadget, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Compensation for the following may be obtained via a lawsuit:

  • Medical expenses
  • Wage reduction
  • Suffering and pain

For a free, no-obligation legal consultation, contact our lawyers.


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The “allergan class action lawsuit breast implants” is a lawsuit that was filed against the company Allergan. The lawsuit alleges that the company’s breast implant products have caused cancer in women who have received them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sue over breast implant illness?

A: This is a difficult question. In the United States, you are allowed to sue for personal injury if it has been shown that there was negligence on behalf of the defendant in which they failed to take reasonable care under normal circumstances; however, this rule only applies if the victim is a member of an identifiable group and not just any individual.

Will Allergan pay for my implant removal?

A: Allergan will not pay for my implant removal. There are many other companies that offer similar implants, but this is a personal decision and should be discussed with your doctor before taking the plunge into getting an implant.

Can you get BIA-ALCL after implants are removed?

A: Unfortunately, the Biaxin Alclometasone inhaler cannot be taken after an implant is removed. The body will no longer produce antibodies in response to it and then it will stop working as quickly or last as long. Patients should also not use another steroid medication while on this drug but rather just take ibuprofen when they are experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu because that can increase swelling which would mean less protection against inflammation and infection.

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