Bob’s Discount Furniture Doesn’t Honor ‘Goof Proof’ Warranty, Alleges Lawsuit

Bob’s Discount Furniture, a furniture store based in Illinois, has filed for bankruptcy following allegations of false advertising on the part of one customer. Apparently Bob’s sold him an expensive couch but would not honor its ‘Goof Proof’ warranty–so after nine months of trying to get it fixed he went ahead and filed his lawsuit.

Bob’s Discount Furniture is being sued for not honoring their ‘Goof Proof’ Warranty. The lawsuit alleges that the company has been selling furniture with defects for years.


A New York man has filed a class action lawsuit accusing Bob’s Discount Furniture of misleading customers about its “Goof Proof” guarantee.

The Goof Proof guarantee, according to plaintiff Renal Glover, is promoted and sold to protect furniture against food and beverage stains, pen markings, rips, and punctures.

Consumers are more likely to buy the Goof Proof guarantee because they realize less costly furniture “may not be as robust or resistant to accidental stains or rips as more priced furniture,” according to Glover.

However, according to the class action complaint, Bob’s Discount Furniture collects premiums before rejecting warranty claims.


According to the lawsuit, Bob’s Discount Furniture receives “undisclosed incentives or kickbacks” from Guardian Insurance for each Goof Proof warranty sold. Furthermore, salespeople may be rewarded or punished depending on how many warranties they are able to sell or are unable to sell.

Glover claims that consumers are misled by the defendant’s warranty sales because the defendant’s furniture is “poorly made,” which allows the company to “more easily and unfairly attribute any accidental stain or rip to a product defect, when there may be cause for overlap between what caused the damage.”

Customers that file a claim under the Goof Proof guarantee are reportedly rejected, claiming that the damage was not caused by accident but rather by abuse.

1631371721_541_Bob039s-Discount-Furniture-Doesn039t-Honor-039Goof-Proof039-Warranty-Alleges-LawsuitAccording to the lawsuit, Bob’s Discount Furniture frequently rejects warranty claims if consumers are unable to specify the precise date of the damage within a 30-day period.

Glover’s lawsuit claims that “not seeing a stain or damage on the day it happened is a typical situation,” particularly if the furniture is utilized by several people in the home and not only the guarantee holder.


In certain cases, the business rejects Goof Proof warranty claims, such as when there are many marks or punctures on the furniture; in such cases, the corporation reportedly chalks the damage up to overuse.

Even though rips or tears are unintentional damage allegedly covered by the Goof Proof guarantee, the business often labels them as “natural wear and tear.”

Glover further argues that the defendant hasn’t “fairly defined” what constitutes “extreme” harm, despite the fact that it does so when rejecting legitimate claims.

As a consequence of all of this, Glover claims that the Goof Proof guarantee is “materially less” valuable than the defendant claims.

He and others would not have bought it or would have paid less if they had known the truth about the guarantee.


Bob’s Discount Furniture is accused of breaching New York General Business Law, as well as breach of contract, fraud, unjust enrichment, and negligent representation, according to Glover.

He is seeking injunctive relief, as well as restitution and disgorgement, as well as monetary damages, including statutory damages, lawyers’ and experts’ costs, and any other remedy deemed appropriate.

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Spencer Sheehan of Sheehan and Associates PC is representing the plaintiff.

Renal Glover, et al. v. Bob’s Discount Furniture LLC, Case No. 1:20-cv-10924, is a Goof Proof Warranty Class Action Lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Bob’s Discount Furniture is a store that sells furniture. They offer a ‘Goof Proof’ warranty on their furniture. However, they have been sued by a customer who claims that the ‘Goof Proof’ warranty was not honored and he did not receive the benefit of the warranty. Reference: bob’s goof proof claims.

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